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A hands-on, educational experience to learn about your endocannabinoid system and how to care for it.

A blend of online and in-person education designed to teach you about natural approaches to wellness while showcasing what it can look like to live a healthy, responsible and nationally accessible cannabis-enhanced lifestyle.


A unique learning experience on the @hempsleyhealth Instagram Stories where you can join in when it's convenient for you, click through at your own pace, and even screenshot and share things that you find interesting! 


We're combining all the information from the e-course into an in-person educational experience for our local community at Logboat Brewery! 

With 4 different ticket levels, there's something for everyone at this event!
Join us to learn about how to responsibly incorporate nationally accessible CBD products into your wellness routine in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.


8:00-9:30am: Mindful Morning

A gentle CBD-enhanced yoga flow with Papa & Barkley's muscle rub and Wildflower's vaporizers led by Moon Yoga followed by an infused  farm-to-table breakfast by Peachtree Catering featuring Potli's CBD-infused honey and paired with Steepfuze CBD coffee & tea, MONQ essential oil vaporizers, and more!


9:30-11:30am: Workshops

An opportunity to make all the recipes and sample products showcased in the e-course in a supportive and approachable environment while talking with our local and national partners.

We'll have 4 stations each dedicated to a different method of consumption: 

Topical Station where you can make your own CBD-enhanced
• Relief Roller with Rosebud CBD
• Lip balm with LEVO 
• Massage oil with Papa & Barkley Essentials

Ingestion Station where you can sample hemp & CBD snacks and beverages from Peachtree Catering & Nourish

Tincture Station where you can make your own tincture plus sample tinctures from American Shaman, Rosebud, Evo Hemp, and more! 

Inhalation Station sponsored by 420 Science where you can
• Learn the pros and cons of different tools used for inhaling
• Test our herbal smoking blends in high-quality glass pieces and vaporizers
• Make your own herbal blend that can be made into tea, added to a bath, or even smoked/vaporized! 
• Sample vaporizers from MONQ, Wildflower, and American Shaman
• Make your own mister diffuser


Get a short CBD massage with Kiskanu’s NEW CBD massage oil from one of our 5 massage therapists!


The Story Behind the Heart of Health Exchange

We fully believe that there is no community in the world where at least one person could not benefit from safe access to medical cannabis. The war on drugs is a war on people, and it's preventing our people — our children, mothers, & grandparents — from having safe access to the life-saving medicine they so desperately need. This war on drugs has a complicated and frustrating past, but at Hempsley, we're focused on the future and helping make this plant accessible for the patients who need it most. That's what the Heart of Health Exchange is about.

After growing up completely against drugs and alcohol, Founder Kristen Williams' perspective shifted when she was finally convinced to do her own research and try the plant for herself. About a year later, she became passionate about helping de-stigmatize the plant after hearing stories of children whose seizures were being subdued with CBD oil. She realized that the people who were against the medical use of cannabis simply didn't understand it, and dedicated herself to educating the general public about how and why cannabis works the way it does — which begins with familiarizing people with the system that it interacts with: the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Kristen built Hempsley as a resource to use when teaching the people her home, prohibition Missouri — the people she loves — about the non-intoxicating and therapeutic benefits this plant has to offer. The Heart of Health Exchange is an educational initiative showcasing how products and practices that are available anywhere in the country can be incorporated into a healthy, responsible lifestyle in an effort to help normalize cannabis as just another wellness tool alongside essential oils, herbs, nutrition, massage, and more.