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Smoking vs Vaporizing

We've all been cautioned that smoking anything — whether it be tobacco, cigarettes, cannabis, or herbs — can be damaging to our lungs. When plant material is ignited or lit, a combustion takes place that produces tar and other toxic chemicals that can cause harm to our bodies. Vaporizing, on the other hand, warms plant material enough to release its beneficial compounds without creating a harmful combustion. 

When it comes to smoking cannabis, a study showed that 88% of the smoke has non-beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes — meaning only 12% of what was inhaled had helpful compounds.* When the cannabis was vaporized instead, 95% of vapor produced had beneficial compounds.

*Please note that while smoking cannabis is less beneficial than vaporizing it, smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco (NCBI). 


The Power of Inhalation

So why would someone ever inhale? Why not just use tinctures or edibles? Inhalation has the fastest onset time of any of the four major methods of consumption, with an average of only 1-5 minutes before effects can be felt. This makes it great for acute issues and pain that need immediate relief, such as muscle spasms, pain, or anxiety. 

The Wildflower Vaporizers

Wildflower offers two vaporizers blended with other essential oils for targeted therapeutic benefits: ACHES and IMMUNITY. These disposable vaporizers are pre-loaded for convenience, made of stainless steel for optimum durability, and are guaranteed to be leak-proof — making them perfect to throw in your bag and take on-the-go. 

Our favorite part of this vaporizer, however, is that each inhalation is dosed. When you take a draw, a light at the end of the pen will blink to indicate that you have had a full dose of 2mg CBD. This is incredibly helpful because it allows you to become familiar with what dose of CBD works for you and then recreate your experience over and over again.

There are about 75-100 inhales per pen, and for best results it's recommended that you exhale through your nose so that the complimenting essential oils can have direct access to your olfactory bulb and the CBD can be further absorbed through your nasal cavity and into the bloodstream for even faster relief. 


Vaporizer Safety

When shopping for vaporizers, it's crucial to find a pen made with quality, nontoxic materials that maintains a consistent and safe temperature. When vaporizing dried herbs, it's fairly easy to identify when plant material is burning rather than being warmed. This is harder to see in an oil vaporizer, so it's important to trust that the company you are buying from understands and implements healthy temperatures for their product. Wildflower has a unique internal micro-processor that controls the temperature for optimum vaporization as well as a vortex tip to create a smoother draw.

You also want to make sure that the vaporizer itself is made from non-toxic materials. Wildflower's pens have a stainless steel body and are covered in a soft-touch, food-grade paint that make it comfortable and safe to put both hands and mouths on. 

More about Wildflower's Vaporizers

We love that Wildflower's pens have an oil indicator window to show you how much oil is left — a great feature when trying to figure out when it's time order a new pen! We also love that they come packaged in a beautiful and discreet box that keeps it protected and safe, although it is a little tough to pry it out of the box without bringing the foam padding with it. 

The vaporizers themselves are incredibly discreet, and their fresh, clean, minty color is incredibly approachable. To top it off, neither smells like cannabis in any way, so no one will ever question you! 

Below are some of the highlights that Wildflower lists about their vape pens: 

  • Discreet

  • Micro-dosing CBD

  • Immediate effects

  • Relief of IBS

  • Stress relief

  • Calming

  • Focus and clarity

  • Clear oil indicator window

  • All natural

  • Only CO2 extracted CBD

  • Delicious rich aroma of terpenes, minimal in odour

  • Leak-proof so you can carry it anywhere worry-free



Provides fast relief from aches and pains whilst dramatically reducing inflammation. Refreshingly aromatic, formulated with highly-concentrated CBD oil and all-natural essential oils such as spearmint, invigorating peppermint, and relaxing lavender.



Provides fast relief from symptoms of flu such as coughs, headaches and blocked sinuses with its powerful blend of anti-inflammatory CBD and therapeutic essential oils such as comforting eucalyptus, thyme, and soothing myrrh.

What our Review Team had to say



Reason for use: upper back pain & neck tension, anxiety, nausea

Rating: 5/5 stars

I sit on the computer for the majority of my day, and when my upper back/neck/shoulder pain gets to be too much, I really like to use the ACHES pen to take a little breather. I've found that two full inhales puts my body in a more relaxed state, and I'm not so distracted by my pain that it inhibits my work; I can literally feel my neck and shoulders relax after about 10 minutes of using the pen. It certainly doesn't clear the pain entirely — but I've never found anything that does. I find that both pens help put my anxiety at ease and calm my nervous stomach on-the-go; I keep it in my bag for emergencies, particularly when I'm driving to meetings and events. 

I prefer the taste of the ACHES pen to the IMMUNITY pen, and feel the ACHES minty flavor works better for my pain. The IMMUNITY pen has a really unique taste that I haven't experienced before; I would describe it as more sweet and warm, whereas the ACHES pen is minty and cooling. 



Reason for use: upset stomach and headache

Rating: 3/5 stars

The ACHES pen was smooth with a bit of minty flavor. It helped calm my stomach a little. I struggled with a headache over the weekend, and I think it eased it a little, but I finally took ibuprofen to get rid of it entirely. 

I preferred the taste of the ACHES pen to the IMMUNITY pen. I liked the IMMUNITY pen better initially, but wasn't a fan of the aftertaste. 



Reason for use: uneasy stomach and improving appetite

Rating: 4/5 stars

I find that the wildflower vaporizer works the best for me when my stomach is not feeling well. There are times in the morning that I wake up with my stomach feeling uneasy, and this is when I use the vaporizer most. After 15 - 20 minutes I can feel my stomach working itself out, and about 10 minutes later it usually feels much better. There are also times when I know I need to eat, but my stomach just doesn't feel very hungry. I’ll use my vaporizer before I eat to help my stomach while I eat. The vaporizer doesn't make me feel hungrier, but it does help me from getting full fast when my stomach doesn't feel great throughout the day. 

The IMMUNITY pen has an earthy taste to it, whereas the ACHES pen has more of a crisp and refreshing taste to it. They both work well for me, but I prefer the aches vaporizer.



Reason for use: relaxation

Rating for ACHES: 4/5 stars

Rating for IMMUNITY: 3/5 stars

The Wildflower Aches Vaporizer is just the thing I need when I'm looking to relax! A few puffs is all it takes to put me at ease. The mint flavor is calming and familiar, while the act of inhaling is satisfying in and of itself (inhalation is my preferred method of using cannabis products)! As someone who doesn't suffer from mental or physical stressors very often, the actual effects of the CBD are subtle — so I'd recommend upping the dosage if you're of a similar mind! 

While the ACHES pen has a distinct and refreshing mint flavor, the IMMUNITY pen has a much more comforting and herbal flavor, with a soft and warm eucalyptus flavor. I personally preferred the ACHES pen! 

*Nancy chose not to participate in this review because she is not comfortable inhaling her medication. Remember, this is perfectly ok!! There are lots of other ways to use cannabis medicine, and Wildflower offers a full range range of products so that you can find what works best for you and your lifestyle! 

Wildflower  has a full range of products, including capsules, tinctures, topicals, soaps, and vaporizers.

Wildflower has a full range of products, including capsules, tinctures, topicals, soaps, and vaporizers.

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