Are you someone whose norm is living with chronic pain? Are you looking for potent relief that doesn’t drain your bank account? We rounded up the strongest CBD products we’ve certified to help support your healing journey, and Aspen Green even offers assistance programs for those in need.

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Here are the strongest and most affordable CBD products we’ve certified so far:

Three highly concentrated CBD products for ultimate relief

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High-Potency Tincture↗

With 3000mg of CBD, this tincture is the most potent and affordable we’ve ever seen coming in at just $0.048/mg. Click here to learn more↗

Pain Relief Body Balm↗

This CBD penetrates deep. With no added scent, you don’t have to worry about overwhelming aromas. Click here to learn more↗

Muscle Cooling Cream↗

This light and fluffy cream is powerful for gently cooling inflammation. Click here to learn more↗

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