Kiskanu's Face Oil is Light & Hydrating

This CBD Face Oil is a blend of moisturizing cold pressed sunflower, argan, coconut and jojoba oils plus soothing CBD**, calendula, rose geranium, lavender, and wild carrot to keep your skin supple and soft.

Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil sample and large sizes styled with ingredients cannabis, lavender

Let’s talk about topicals.

Kiskanu’s expertise lies in creating topicals. Rather than being used internally, topicals are applied to the surface of the skin to interact directly with that area for targeted effects. Instead of entering the bloodstream for full body effects, the CBD and other cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. They are typically used for localized pain or soreness, inflammation, skin irritations, etc. Click here to learn more about how topicals work. 

Topicals for the Face

Your face produces oils of its own to keep your skin soft & hydrated while protecting it from allergens, irritants, and pathogens. Oils help keep the water in your skin from escaping, meaning that when your face isn’t producing enough oil on its own, the skin can become dry and flaky.

At the other end of the spectrum, your face may be producing too much oil, which can keep dirt trapped inside pores and cause acne. It may seem counter-intuitive, but properly moisturizing your skin can actually help reduce excess oil on the face.

Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients

There are basically three different types of moisturizers:

  • Humectants add water back into the skin (John G. Zampella, M.D.)
  • Emollients fill spaces between skin cells
  • Occlusives seal the skin to keep water in

The key to choosing a truly moisturizing oil is making sure that the molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin barrier and strengthen the skin, rather than sitting on top of the skin. Research suggests that all four of the oils used in Kiskanu’s Face Oil can actually help penetrate and repair the skin. In addition, their base of all cold-pressed oils means that every oil retains its nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) since it isn’t altered at all by heat or refining processes. Plus the anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties of this CBD Face Oil are also useful in fighting acne and other skin irritations.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits* of each ingredient:

Note: The jojoba, argan, and sunflower oils are high in Vitamins A and E to promote youthful skin through collagen formation, leaving skin looking lustrous and radiant.


Has anti-inflammatory properties and can enhance muscle relaxation and soothe nerve pain. Learn more about CBD and other cannabinoids here.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great source of vitamin B, which improves the ability of the skin to retain moisture, helping reduce dryness, redness, and fine lines.

There is also Vitamin E in jojoba oil, which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties.

Argan Oil

Softens and relaxes the skin while hydrating. May help protect the skin from sun damage and reduce signs of aging.

Coconut Oil

Smooths the skin.

Can help protect your skin from infections in wounds with its disinfecting and antimicrobial properties.

Sunflower Oil

Helps to preserve the top layer of your skin and improve hydration without causing redness.


Is antispasmodic and can help with facial tension, headaches, achy jaws and more.

Rose Geranium

Has wound-healing properties and an ability to soothe blemishes and inflammation, plus relieve stress and irritation.


An anti-inflammatory herb with antifungal, antibacterial, and antispasmodic properties that can aid wounds, burns, and blemish healing.

Lavender is rich in the terpene linalool, which is known for its calming effects and anti-inflammatory properties.

Wild Carrot (foraged)

A gentle cell rejuvenator and excellent first line of defense for supporting aging or environmentally stressed skin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are intended for educational purposes only.

How to Use Kiskanu’s Face Oil

Kiskanu’s suggested directions for using their face oil are:

  1. Bring to room temperature & shake well

  2. Dispense oil into your hands and gently massage into your face starting with the brow, jaw, and behind the ears. Continue until you have covered your face in a light layer of oil.

  3. Reapply as desired.

We’ve found that this oil is light enough to wear under makeup, so don’t be afraid to use it in the morning!

This oil can also be used anywhere on the body that needs moisture and care, as well as hydrating beard or pubic hairs. Note that due to the oils in this rub, this product may stain clothing.

Here’s what our family had to say about Kiskanu’s Face Oil

Review for Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil

Review for Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil

Review for Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil

Review for Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil

Review for Kiskanu's CBD Face Oil

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