Last month, I made a video about how Bōsm’s founder, Raea Campbell, started her company after helping her mom through breast cancer and chemotherapy. Time and time again, Raea found that breast massage was recommended as the top routine for better breast health. But so many women didn’t know about the power of breast massage, all its health benefits, or how it was different from a breast exam.

In this video, I share some of the education that Raea is bringing to the world.

I talk about how our breasts are connected to our lymphatic system and how they play a major role in draining and storing toxins. I also cover how this isn’t a fear-based practice like breast exams. Instead, breast massage is a loving, self-care ritual that can get us more in touch with our bodies and help us take care of all parts of ourselves.

I also walk you through the different steps of a breast massage, and how the lymphatic system is stimulated throughout, promoting circulation, immunity, and better health throughout the body.

If you’re inspired by the video and ready to try breast massage yourself, Hempsley is proud to carry Bōsm’s Breast Serum in our store, here! You can also learn more about the science behind breast health and the endocannabinoid system in this article.

To bring you this tutorial, we partnered up with Bosm Wellness, a company dedicated to breast health education that lovingly supports you through all the stages of your breast health journey. Want to skip ahead in the video above? Check out these time stamps:

  • 01:10​ - Breast Exams vs Breast Massage
  • 01:42​ - The Health Benefits of Breast Massage
  • 02:26​ - Breast Massage, Step 1: Activating your Lymphatic System
  • 03:00​ - Breast Massage, Step 2: Releasing Excess Estrogen
  • 03:20​ - Breast Massage, Step 3: Activating your Lymph Nodes
  • 03:50​ - Breast Massage, Step 4: Traditional Breast Massage
  • 04:48​ - Finishing your Massage
  • 05:00​ - Where to Find more Information & Tools

About Breast Massage

This massage routine can be done with lotion, body oil, soap in the shower, or even dry (though we don't suggest that). Bōsm recommends using a few pumps of their CBD Breast Serum to help support detoxification during a lymphatic breast massage (click here to learn more about this serum's benefits). Follow their steps below for optimum benefits, and remember to breathe slowly, be gentle, and soften your thoughts.

1. Lymph Stimulation

Awaken your lymph system by gently stroking the skin from the collar bone to the breast bone, down the neck. Repeat 10 times.

2. Lymph Activation

Stimulate your lymph nodes by gently stroking your fingertips into the center of your armpits using a delicate pumping motion. Repeat 20 times in each armpit.

3. Estrogen Release

Starting at the center of the chest at the breast bone and working your way out and down to the breasts, stroke the tissue out toward the armpits. Repeat 20 times.

  • Note: According to Healthline, excess estrogen can put you at risk for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or thyroid problems.

4. Traditional Breast Massage

Rub the circumference of the breasts in circles. Go clockwise direction 10 times, then counterclockwise direction 10 times.

Want to learn more about breast health? 

Click here to learn more from Bosm Wellness about the importance of Breast Health and how it relates to your endocannabinoid system. 

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