About the Relief Roller Recipe

We find that keeping things simple helps us identify what's working well for us! With just a few ingredients, you can easily experiment with switching things out to see what works best for you.

It seems that there isn't ever a week where we haven't been in need of some kind of relief, whether it's from tense or sore muscles, a headache, itchy bug bites, a rash... so we started exploring natural remedies to ease the pain. 

When it comes to finding relief, peppermint is a great: 
  • Analgesic: relieves pain by interacting with the part of the brain that receives "pain messages"

  • Antispasmodic: can calm involuntary spasms of muscles

CBD is also a wonderful analgesic and antispasmodic, plus: 

CBD relief roller made at home with peppermint essential oil

Opportunities for Cannabinoid Infusion

If you'd like to enhance this recipe with cannabinoids, consider one of the suggestions below. When substituting or adding cannabis-infused products, be aware of how many mg of CBD (or, if you're in a legal state, THC) are in each portion of the recipe you are making. Topicals come in a variety of strengths and can have concentrates of anywhere between 1mg/mL to 40mg/mL. Keep track of how the various strengths of cannabinoids affect your recipe to figure out what works best for you. Click here to learn more about THC and CBD topicals. 

How to add cannabinoids to your Relief Roller

Other Suggestions

Try another carrier oil in place of the fractionated coconut oil such as jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, experiment with other essential oils (remember: never wear a citrus oil in the sunlight; it can cause burns!) and play with the amount of CBD you use until you find a combination that provides relief for your particular needs.

Ingredients (for one, 1mL roller)

  • 2 drops peppermint essential oil

  • carrier oil of choice such as MCT, jojoba, or almond oils 

    • Choose a cannabis infused oil to help fight inflammation
  • dark glass roller (we use 1ml rollers for this recipe)


  1. Mix ingredients in small roller

  2. Roll on sore muscles, itchy bug bites, temples, and more for quick relief!

Try adding or substituting lavender essential oil for a more relaxing aroma

Store away from heat and light


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