Transitioning out of Prohibition

Hempsley was founded in Missouri in January 2017, when the state was still very much in prohibition, with a mission to de-stigmatize cannabis by educating about the therapeutic and non-intoxicating benefits that this plant has to offer.

Up until now, all of our conversation has centered around CBD-only products because that is what the entire country has legal and relatively easy access to — but Missouri legalized medical marijuana in November 2018, and dispensaries are poised to open this year. Our community has had a lot of questions for us, and we realized that if we truly want to de-stigmatize this plant, our conversation can’t end with CBD.

CBD is a great segue way for people who are completely new to the idea of cannabis being medicine; I’ve found that helping people understand how CBD works can open them up to learning more about medical marijuana. But lately, a new misconception has taken over: “CBD is the medicinal part of the plant while THC is the recreational part.” This isn’t true.

For patients who aren’t getting what they need from CBD alone, the right medical marijuana product could be a game-changer. But just like with CBD and other alternative therapies, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.

What this Means for Hempsley

This year, we will begin sharing information about how to use medical marijuana (including THC) for therapeutic purposes — not for getting “high.” We assure you that our warm, expert tone will not change; we will still be the resource that you can confidently send your conservative or skeptical grandmother, colleague, or neighbor down the street to so that they can learn about the benefits of cannabis.

While the CBD companies we are already partnered with also have THC products in legal states, we will also be partnering with some amazing marijuana-based companies to help bring you the most accurate and quality education available.

While we understand that not everyone has access to medical marijuana / THC, we believe that understanding the medicinal benefits of all parts of cannabis is crucial to destigmatizing this plant and increasing safe patient access across the country. And if you are in prohibition, being aware of the best way to use THC medicine will only help you to feel more confident in how to choose what’s best for you once it does become available.

We look forward to sharing this next chapter of our journey with you. Here’s to legalization!