To celebrate our third birthday this year on January 31st 2020, COO Vinnie DeBono and Founder Kristen Williams teamed up to create a CBD-infused cake.

Vinnie is a talented cook and Kristen loves styling, so they made the perfect duo for this project!

Hempsley's CBD infused birthday cake for their third birthday

Vinnie dreamt up a dark chocolate cake recipe with a layer of strawberry goodness zested with orange, covered in white chocolate ganache frosting. Kristen and Vinnie candied cannabis leaves to pair with their carefully-picked sprinkles and golden “3” candle.

Vinnie iced the cake, adding the sprinkles and making waves on its top before Kristen arranged the candied cannabis leaves around the 3 candle.

The cake was enjoyed by the active Hempsley team members during a low-key evening in.

From our birthday Instagram post:

WOW — how has it already been 3 years?? 1,095 days ago today, Hempsley was launched from the floor of a bedroom. (Swipe for a clip of my Facebook Live launch!)⁠

730 days ago, I had just returned from a game-changing visit to meet @420science in Austin, TX. ⁠

365 days ago, I brought on my first official teammates and we celebrated moving into our own office inside @thehatcheryclub with the help of our incredible community and this freaking amazing CBD-infused cake by @catering_by_peachtree.⁠ (Stay tuned for this year's!) ⁠

When I launched Hempsley, I really wasn't sure where it'd go. I just wanted a resource that I could feel comfortable sending my conservative, Christian grandma to that wouldn't make her think that her precious granddaughter was a "druggie." I could feel that this plant had the potential to help the people I loved feel better, and I wanted to find a way to communicate everything I was learning as I traveled the country as a "cannabis graphic designer." Hempsley was thoughtfully designed to fill this need I was experiencing in my own life, providing a trustworthy, supportive, and approachable place to find information about the new and incredibly confusing world of cannabis and wellness. ⁠

3 years later, and I'm honestly still not sure where we're going to end up — this industry changes every single day, and figuring out how to monetize the parts of Hempsley that I'm actually PASSIONATE about (aka education) has been a constant struggle. ⁠

I am so grateful to everyone who has shown support for Hempsley over these 4 years (Hempsley was in the works long before it was launched, after all!) — every kind word of encouragement, like, comment, DM, share, sponsorship, and purchase from our shop has literally made up the fuel that keeps me moving forward. "Thank you" will never feel like enough. ❤️⁠ Check out our IGTV for the full launch video, shot 3 years ago 💫

Hempsley's third infused cannabis birthday cake

CBD infused birthday cake for Hempsley's 3rd year celebration