CBD Wellness Quiz Results

You know yourself better than anyone. If your quiz results didn’t sound quite right, check out these other options to find what rings true for you.

Maxed-Out Caretaker

Compassionate • Selfless • On-the-Move • Devoted 

You shower loved ones with the care and attention that make their hearts sing, but you may feel drained and worn-out.

Burnt-Out Trailblazer

Determined • Self-Motivated • Ambitious • Innovative 

You’re on a steady mission to shake things up, change lives, and solve problems. In short, you hustle.

Chronic Warrior

Resilient • Brave • Appreciative of the Small Things • Powerful 

You not only face the physical, mental, and emotional hurdles that come with your diagnosis, but you may also face judgment from a society that lacks compassion.

CBD Researcher

Informed • Responsible • Relaxed • Efficient 

You have high standards and do your own research. You want to fact-check the claims being made and investigate the science on your own.