Born in prohibition Missouri and designed specifically for Midwestern lifestyles, Hempsley is a living collection of information about holistic wellness techniques. 

Our mission is to empower you with knowledge so that you can begin taking better care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Hempsley is meant to foster a safe space for anyone and everyone, no matter their background, to learn about natural approaches to wellness while guiding and supporting individuals through their own self-care explorations. We provide opportunities for you to learn, grow, and reflect so that you may become an expert on yourself. 


Inspired by Prohibition

Hempsley’s founder, Kristen Williams, first became passionate about cannabis education back in 2013 when she saw a video about Charlotte Figi, a young girl whose some 300 grand mal seizures per week were being subdued with CBD oil. She found herself in distraught over the public's backlash on Charlotte's parents for treating her with cannabis, and wanted to help people understand how this plant works within the body to bring relief — and that using it didn't necessarily mean getting "high." 

Since then, Kristen has been on a mission to help educate the general public about their endocannabinoid system and how various cannabinoid therapies can benefit people with all types of conditions. Over the past three years, she has collected experiences with yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine, meditation, floating, massage therapy, nutrition, fitness, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and more — all while exploring how cannabis can best enhance her self-care journey. Now, she wants to share what she's learned to help others make informed decisions while developing a personalized wellness routine that they enjoy. 


Grow With Us

We know we're not perfect, and we don't expect you to be, either. Wellness is a lifelong journey, and we are always learning new things about ourselves and the world that will impact our understanding of personal health. Hempsley is simply here to investigate new approaches to wellness and relay what we learn so that your personal relationship with your body can continue to grow.

When it comes to cannabis information, most of what we know is based on personal testimony and experience since we have very little scientific research because of the federal government's Schedule 1 classification. Thankfully, there are now states conducting research and providing us with more and more information every day — but this also means that information we thought to be true may be disproved. We promise to do our best to stay up-to-date with these findings and communicate any pertinent new information to you, and we hope that if you see a mistake on our site you will let us know. 


The Team


Kristen Williams, CEO & Creative Director

Kristen Williams is an activist, entrepreneur and designer dedicated to helping change the stigma surrounding cannabis. She derives unique, innovative and intelligent design solutions to visually engage and educate her audience on how cannabis can be incorporated into a healthy, balanced and responsible lifestyle. 

Kristen uses cannabis in her daily self-care routine to relieve her back pain, migraines, and anxiety. Her favorite method of consumption is concentrates because they are efficient, discreet, and minimally irritating to her asthmatic lungs. 


Sam Raney, Director of Public Relations & Project Management

Sam Raney is a lifestyle blogger who is passionate about elevating the everyday by keeping life fun. Passionate about all things style, design, and of course food with a streak of self-sufficiency, Sam spends her free time figuring out how to recreate all of her favorite products and recipes herself. 

Sam uses cannabis to relieve headaches and enjoy the present moment. Her favorite method of consumption is concentrates because you can swiftly get where you want to be without spending a lot of extra time medicating. 


Patrick M., Marketing & Promotion Intern

Patrick is a Marketing student at the University of Missouri and helps Hempsley find their audience and effectively promote. As a strong academic student, Patrick avoided cannabis until later in life but felt lied to after feeling the effects for himself. He realized there is more to the plant than what most people hear about and saw the potential of cannabis as a medicine for stress. In his free time he enjoys watching good movies and traveling.

Patrick uses CBD for sleep and anxiety. His favorite way to consume CBD is through joints because he loves the therapeutic work that is involved with rolling. He prefers using CBD-only flower as it still allows him to get relief and roll without losing track of time.


Vincent DeBono, Product Development Intern

Vincent DeBono is a Mechanical Engineering student who believes in the necessity for the normalization of cannabis usage for both medicinal and recreational purposes.  He wants to spread a message focused on the benefits and responsible usage of cannabis in a person’s everyday life. His main goal is to be a positive representation of what members of the cannabis community can provide for the rest of society.

Vincent uses CBD to aid with general stress and anxiety and to help stimulate a mindset of positivity and happiness. His favorite method of consumption is CBD flower because he feels the effects are longer lasting and finds the act hand rolling smokables therapeutic.


Austin Brennan, Marketing Intern

Austin Brennan is a student, writer and mindfulness activist. He is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle and encourages individuals to care for their own mind-body-soul. He takes advantage of every opportunity he can to be outside. Austin likes to spend his free time camping, hiking, rock climbing, and swimming. He understands the benefits of CBD and is constantly searching for new ways individuals can improve their life by integrating this cannabinoid into their lives.

Austin implements CBD in his meditation and yoga practices. He loves using topical CBD creams for post workout recovery.

Hempsley would not be possible without the help of our family.

Our information about the endocannabinoid system would be nothing without writer Kira Gresoski  — we are so grateful for her impeccable words! In fact, a lot of the cannabis information we present here was originally drafted by and/or hashed out between Kira and Kristen as they conceived of Hempsley's grand plan together. 

We would not be who we are without the support of our family, friends, and all the incredible random strangers we have meet on social media, at events, and in our daily lives. Thank you for your time, your hands, and all your help. It's you who inspired Hempsley to become a reality, and it's your random words of kindness and and encouragement that keep us pushing forward. We have endless gratitude for each and every one of you.