Dosing with CBD

Choosing a Starting Dose of CBD

One of the most common questions we get is: What's the proper level to start dosing with CBD? This is a tricky question to answer, as every patients’ needs are different, but in general it doesn't take as much as most people assume.

Starting with 5-10mg doses of CBD, 1-3 times a day, can have profound effects if you've sourced a from a good supply of products. High quality CBD products require far less daily dosing than is typically assumed, and your body has to become adapted to the sudden influx of new cannabinoids in order to utilize them effectively.

If using an isolate, you will need 3-5 times more milligrams than when using a full spectrum extract to achieve the same affects. Learn more here


As a good correlation, consider vitamin B: if you take B vitamin pills in excess of what you need, your body excretes it in your urine in a highly noticeable manner. It may not be as noticeable, but your body will do that with CBD as surely as it does every other compound you ingest!

In order to not break your budget and waste product, it's better to start with a smaller dose and slowly increase your mg (we like to go in increments of 5mg) until the desired effects are achieved for maximum health.


Do keep in mind, as this is directly interacting with your endocannabinoid system, that building a “tolerance” is different than building a tolerance to a chemical compound a pharmaceutical company has produced. As your body becomes adapted to using CBD you bring in from the outside, it will start using more of it to promote healing.

If you notice you're starting to lean towards higher doses, this usually means your body is using the higher doses to work on more major issues, and promote true healing beyond mere symptom relief. Taking a break from CBD can be useful to clear accumulated trace amounts of THC out of your body if you are concerned about drug testing, and to check your functionality levels without CBD.


As with anything, even CBD isn't something we should desire to take for the rest of our lives; it's a tool to promote health and healing, and our goal should be to listen to our bodies to the point we can eventually wean our way back off or down to a lower dose.

There is no “magic pill” that will take care of all your problems, either from pharmaceutical companies or CBD suppliers, and listening to your body and doing the work to maintain it is still key! CBD just happens to be an excellent tune up tool for our bodies, but like anything else we can come to rely upon it too much.

This article was written by Joshua Lee and published on October 9, 2018. Copyright © 2018 Hempsley, All Rights Reserved