About the Rosemary Mashers Recipe

Most diets will tell you that you can't eat potatoes because they're loaded with starch. When it comes to the holidays, however, mashed potatoes are a staple — so we decided to make them a little bit healthier by infusing some rosemary into that decadent butter we would be adding. We also left the skin on our potatoes because they contain lots of nutrients, and with all the other yumminess in these you don't even notice them. 

Throughout history, rosemary has been used as a medicine, cultural symbol, and in spiritual practices (Herbco, 2017). Today it is one of the most popular herbs available.   

When it comes to health, Rosemary is a great source of: 
  • Pinene: a terpene that aids in memory retention and alertness. Rosemary has been shown to improve cognitive deficits and can support those with Alzheimer's disease

  • Antioxidants: helps stop damage to cells that can cause diseases like cancer, heart disease, and more

And potatoes are a wonderful source of: 
  • Fiber: supports digestive health, lowers cholesterol, helps you feel fuller longer and reduce appetite

  • Vitamin C: supports the immune system, aids in bone formation & wound healing, helps protect the body from infections

The skin on potatoes has tons more nutrients such as potassium, niacin, and iron. 

Cannabis and rosemary infused mashed potato recipe

Opportunities for Cannabinoid Infusion

If you'd like to enhance this recipe with cannabinoids, consider one of the suggestions below. When substituting or adding cannabis-infused products, be aware of how many mg of CBD (or, if you're in a legal state, THC) are in each portion of the recipe you are making. The standard dose of CBD is 15-30mg, but varies based on tolerance, reason for use, severity of condition, etc. We recommend starting low and going slow; click here to learn more about dosing) and be sure to read our CBD Safety article and talk to your doctor before incorporating new cannabinoids into your routine.

How to add cannabinoids to your Rosemary Mashers 


  • 1/2 stick butter 

  • 3 tbsp dried rosemary

  • 6 large new potatoes, halved

  • 2/3 c milk of choice

    • We used 2% dairy milk, but any milk will do!

  • 1/3 c cream cheese (we used whipped Greek Yogurt cream cheese)

  • 1 tsp salt

Directions (using LEVO Oil Infusion Machine)

  1. Place rosemary in LEVO herb pod; place butter in basin. Set at 165°F for 30 minutes
  • Don't have a LEVO? Infuse your oil the old fashioned way
  • Cover potatoes with water in a large pot. Boil over medium heat for 30 minutes or until tender

  • You can use a fork to see how tender the potatoes have become — the fork should easily poke through the potato!
  • Drain potatoes and, while still hot, mix with remaining ingredients

  • We used an electric mixer, but you could whip these by hand, too!