We are so honored to have contributed to the Premiere Issue of Sweet Jane Magazine!

CEO Kristen Williams to wrote an article about the endocanabinoid system for the premiere issue of Sweet Jane Magazine, then invited Hempsley to the launch party in Lawrence, Kansas. This was actually Hempsley’s first time visiting Kansas, which made the trip even more exciting! The party was held at the Cider Gallery’s beautiful space in Lawrence.


In addition to having an article in the magazine, Sweet Jane Magazine asked Kristen to give a presentation to the 50 attendees. The 30 minute presentation was focused on introducing the endocannabinoid system and a deeper dive into the topics covered in the article. Hempsley also provided some our educational prints and product samples for the gift bags attendees received at the end of the event. Specifically, we included our free CBD handouts (print yours here) handouts and samples of Papa & Barkley Essentials’ Tincture and Balm.

We would like to thank Sweet Jane Magazine for asking us to be a part of such a momentous occasion! The venue of the event was absolutely stunning, and it was fantastic to have such a professional cannabis industry event in the midwest. You can also pick up the first edition of Sweet Jane Magazine in your local Barnes and Noble or directly from Sweet Jane!

Kristen Williams and Katy Ibsen at Sweet Jane Launch Party

Sweet Jane Cannabis Magazine launch party in Kansas

Hempsley display at Sweet Jane Cannabis Magazine launch party in Lawrence, Kansas

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