Hempsley was honored to be asked to contribute an article to MJ Lifestyle Magazine’s third issue.

This magazine elevates the conversation around cannabis; it is absolutely gorgeous and packed full of interesting, informative articles. There are even interviews from some of the most influential women working in the cannabis industry.

Our founder Kristen Williams contributed a two page desgin covering one of the most important topics to consider when shopping for CBD: full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate types of CBD. The article breaks down the differences between the types of products, while also talking about why a person may use a full spectrum product over an isolate or vice versa. The breakdown of different types of products includes a graphic that helps readers understand the differences between them.

The article also gave a brief readers an introduction to Hempsley and what our mission is. It covers our focus on education, honest product reviews and curation of only the best, high quality CBD products available, plus our passion for hosting engaging educational events.

We want to thank MJ Lifestyle for including us in the third edition of their beautiful magazine! Again, this magazine truly does a great job at highlighting all of the incredible women in the cannabis industry. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local Barnes & Noble today! Click here to learn more about MJ Lifestyle

MJ Lifestyle Magazine with Hempsley article written by Kristen Williams

Hempsley article in MJ Lifestyle Magazine

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