We are honored that local Columbia, Missouri magazine Como Mag reached out to speak with our Founder Kristen Williams about the benefits of CBD and hemp. Check it out below!

In the ever-expanding health and wellness industry, two new products are taking their time in the spotlight — hemp and CBD. People are adding these ingredients to everything from banana bread to bath bombs, but there is a considerable amount of confusion around the substances. Kristen Williams and Jill Hartman, two business owners and experts in Mid-Missouri’s hemp and CBD industry, are focused on educating Missourians who are curious about what CBD can do for them and how it all works. 

What is CBD?

CBD — which is short for cannabidiol — is a compound found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants have subspecies that include both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant; marijuana also contains varying amounts of the compound THC, the psychoactive ingredient that causes a high. Hemp, and the CBD that is extracted from it, is federally legal because the plant only contains 0.3% of THC. 

Kristen Williams, the CEO and creative director at the local hemp and CBD shop Hempsley, says the confusion between CBD and THC was a common conversation topic for her at the beginning of her journey.

“When I first started doing this, people would always ask me if CBD would get them high,” Kristen says. “But most people know now that it doesn’t.”

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Hempsley featured in Como Mag

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