How to Buy from Young Living

Young Living is built on multi-level marketing, meaning that they encourage existing customers to sell to their friends and family, offering a percentage of their sales in return for their efforts. This is great for anyone who may want to build a side-business for themselves, but it can unfortunately leave some people feeling pressured to sell oils themselves. 

We're big fans of Young Living's essential oils, but not so much of this system. We truly believe that Young Living has some of the highest quality oils in the world — and we've personally experienced phenomenal benefits from using them — but we also know that there are lots of other great essential oil companies out there. Unfortunately, those with broadest selection and highest quality seem to all be based on multi-level marketing. (If you know of one that isn't, let us know!

So we're doing things a little differently. 

In order to continually share new knowledge with you at no cost, we generate revenue by linking up with companies that align with the educational content we want to produce, then receive a percentage of sales made with our unique codes and links in a method known as affiliate marketing. We prefer this system because it doesn't put additional pressure on our customers, but still allows us to support ourselves while keeping our content free to you. 

That's why we're treating our relationship with Young Living like an affiliate program and partnering with other distributors, rather than trying to build a business in the multi-level program — meaning that we're never going to put any pressure on you to begin selling oils yourself. In fact, if that is something you are interested in, we will direct you to one of our good friends who will be able to help you with that because we simply won't know. 

That said, "signing up as a member" gets you a 24% discount on all oils and access to the Starter Kit, featured in our review here, complete with 11 essential oils and a diffuser, all of which is valued at over $300 — for only $160; a fantastic deal if you want to start learning how to use essential oils in your daily life. And unlike other Young Living distributors, you can feel assured that we're never going to pressure you to sell or continue purchasing. We just want to share our experience of the benefits of these oils with you. 

But never fear! If you're not feeling the membership program, or maybe you just want to start with a couple oils and see if you like using them rather than committing to a full kit, you can absolutely shop as a retail customer without joining the Young Living program; you'll just have to pay full retail price instead of the discounted price. If you're local (in Columbia, Missouri), we are also happy to add an oil you're interested in trying to my own personal monthly order then get it to you for the discounted wholesale price. 



  • Access to the Starter Kit for only $160, complete with 11 of the most useful essential oils and a diffuser valued at over $300 
  • 24% off retail pricing (after purchasing a Starter Kit
  • You'll be added to the Facebook communities with unlimited access to helpful resources and information along with a bunch of people excited to share their favorite essential oil recipes and discoveries with you! 
  • If you end up really loving your essential oils and use them regularly, you can sign up for Essential Rewards to earn extra discounts and freebies

Retail Customer

  • Shop without purchasing a Starter Kit
    • Please know that while you don't have to submit as much information as you do with a "Membership," you unfortunately are still required to "enroll" with Young Living to shop their products 
    • While you can shop directly at, we would really appreciate you supporting our mission to empower you with knowledge by using our unique link and choosing "Retail Customer" 
  • Unfortunately no discounts are available shopping this way
    • Remember that if you're in Columbia, Missouri, we are more than happy to order individual oils for you at the discounted price!! 

Either way, we're here to help you learn about your essential oils every step of the way! 


We hope this didn't overwhelm you.

 We know this is a lot to take in — but we just want to make sure we're being as transparent as possible. Our goal is to create a company built on honesty and trust, and we don't ever want you to feel like you're being used. At the end of the day, quality essential oils will work in all of our recipes; we just choose to use Young Living because we enjoy the community, can earn significant discounts on our oils (we use them a lot!), and we know that we can trust their purity and quality. Essential oils are powerful, so no matter what brand you use, you'll want to make sure that you're buying a clean product. One day, when we have the resources necessary to do so, we will certainly be exploring other quality essential oil brands and relaying our findings back to you. Until then, we hope you enjoy whatever essential oils you choose to use!!