MONQ Essential Oil Vaporizers

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With the recent DEA "clarification" that CBD is in fact a Schedule 1 drug, we've not only been investigating nationally available hemp-derived products, but also other holistic and non-cannabis derived products...just in case. 

For some, the best part about using cannabis is smoking or vaporizing it. 

There are nationally available vaporizers that contain CBD that can help directly aid our endocannabinoid systems.

But the other best part of using cannabis (in our opinion) is getting to pick out a strain specific to your needs based on its CBD:THC ratio and present terpenes. Terpenes are a compound found in the essential oils of plants, giving them their smell and flavor. When it comes to cannabis, terpenes actually dictate the effects of a particular strain. If you're feeling anxious, you can choose a strain with terpenes like limonene or linalool; if you're feeling wired but need to sleep, you can choose a strain with terpenes like myrcene.

The coolest thing is: terpenes aren't unique to cannabis. 

When it comes to cannabis, terpenes bind to our cannabinoid receptors alongside cannabinoids like THC and CBD and affect their chemical output, enhancing the cannabinoids' effects and dictating our type of "high." But the terpenes derived from other plants are also therapeutic. For example, when you eat an orange, you are ingesting limonene, a terpene with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent and treat cancer and aid in weight management

Learn how terpenes play a role in what affects a particular strain of cannabis will have and how they can be used separately from cannabinoids for therapeutic benefits. To illustrate, we'll be talking about MONQ, a personal aromatherapy diffuser designed to promote mood change through essential oils (AKA tons of terpenes!)

MONQ is a personal aromatherapy diffuser designed to promote mood change.

They have 7 different essential oil blends, all labeled with the mood they are intended to evoke, including Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Active, Healthy, Happy, and Sexy. The diffusers work just like a typical e-cig or vaporizer; your inhalation activates the device's heat to warm and release the compounds — including terpenes — in the oil so you can inhale them. Because they warm the oils at a lower temperature than you would by burning them in an herbal joint, it's a lighter, cleaner, and smoother taste than smoking.


MONQ is unique because they use completely organic and natural ingredients with absolutely no nicotine, tobacco, or artificial chemicals.

Our favorite part of their site is that they give an informative yet brief description of each oil in their pens so that you can get a good understanding of the types of effects it will have for you. We picked out the "Happy" blend with vanilla, thyme and fennel.

It just so happens that thyme has the terpene myrcene, which is also commonly found in cannabis. Myrcene is an antioxidant, is anti-carcinogenic, and can help with depression, inflammation sleeplessness, and relaxation. We'll be honest in that we didn't pick this pen based on this fact, but it's a great plus to realize after the fact. 

Below are the descriptions of each oil from their website: 

Vanilla: Madagascar, organic cultivated, CO2 extract Your favorite flavor, and a classic for easing frustration. Vanilla has been considered an aphrodisiac as well as an anxiolytic for centuries. This may well be because of its alleged calming effects. Others claim that vanilla helps to aid confidence and dissolve anger and frustration. Interestingly, it can also have stimulating and invigorating effects.

Thyme: France, organic cultivated, steam distillation Known to enhance mood & boost concentration. For thousands of years, thyme has been reported to stimulate the body including improving circulation. It is also said to improve attention, calm nervousness, and has more recently been used in people with irritability.

Fennel: Egypt, organic cultivated, steam distillation Grounding, and balancing. Fennel has been used in aromatherapy for centuries, and can help provide a soothing feeling to upset stomachs. There are some who say that it has almost magical properties, such as repelling negative energies and allowing you to concentrate on your own inner strength feeling grounded. 


We really enjoy using our Happy pen.

Of course we absolutely love our CBD vape cartridges, but because they have CBD, they're a little more expensive than the MONQ at only $20. So, we'll take a puff of our CBD pen if we need it, then continue puffing on our MONQ if we want another little boost. Kristen really likes the way it tastes: "sweet yet earthy and refreshing".

And of course, we had to share it with a few friends and get their opinion. 

One friend, Marianne, isn't big on inhaling anything, cannabis or otherwise, although she does use a CBD vaporizer pen as needed for fast relief. While she thought the Happy pen taste was nice and smooth — sweet and vanilla-y on the inhale with a more earthy, fennel aftertaste — she didn't necessarily see herself using it on a regular basis. 

My friend Kate, on the other hand, regularly uses an e-cig and enjoyed puffing on the MONQ. 

"The fragrant vapor is ideal for bringing some happiness into your day. I especially fell in love with the amount of vapor the pen produces on the inhale, which is quite a lot compared to most vapes. Getting to watch the smoke dance through the air is always a plus!" —Kate, Missouri

Overall, everyone had good things to say and we all agreed that we would recommend it to a friend who likes vaping. We're always curious how long these disposable (and in this case, recyclable!) e-cigs will last, so we'll update this blog once it runs out with a note about that. Until then, if you try one of these bad boys (get 10% off when you use this link!) out, let us know what you thought in the comments below!


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