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At Hempsley, we are always exploring new CBD companies and their products. 

Earlier this year, we discovered PlusCBD Oil via social media and couldn't help but notice their vast array of products, so we got our hands on some samples. PlusCBD Oil™ offers everything from topicals to tinctures to capsules and even concentrates. 


The product that stood out most to us was their softgels. 

We have seen lots of CBD tablets and 2-piece gelatin capsules, but we hadn't seen a CBD softgel before and were intrigued. 

The first thing to note about these softgels is that they contain a dose of 15mg CBD (and only trace amounts of THC), unlike the typical 5 or 10mg CBD doses we see. This indicates that these pills are intended for use by individuals with moderate chronic pain or who haven't had success with lower dosages. 

Remember, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that supports our endocannabinoid systems, meaning that it can help keep us healthy without getting us high. Our bodies produce endo-cannabinoids on its own, so if we have a deficiency, cannabinoids derived from cannabis can be a wonderful supplement — but it's hard to know when you first start using CBD how many milligrams you should be taking.

At Hempsley, we always start with a lower dose than we think we need and work up from there. Know that there are no known overdoses of CBD and that it has been safely used in quantities of up to 300mg/day for 6 months or 1200-1500mg for up to 4 weeks (WebMD). While there are a few possible side effects of CBD such as mild drowsiness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite, we like to start low (at 5 or 10mg) simply because it will cost more over time to use a higher dosage.

Generally speaking, we like to add 5-10mg of CBD to our daily routine.

If we are experiencing acute pain or particularly negative moods one day, we will certainly take a higher dose of CBD to accommodate for our increased discomfort, which is where these 15mg softgels come in handy. 


We had never really thought about all the different kinds of pills available until we tried one of these softgels.

The pill went down smooth and easy, unlike some of the tablets we've tried, and was smaller than the 2-part gelatin capsules we sometimes have a hard time stomaching. But these softgels were more expensive than their capsule counterparts, so we decided to do a little investigating. 

Softgels are designed for efficiency. 

PlusCBD Oil ™  Capsules

PlusCBD Oil Capsules

It turns out that softgels are actually designed to be absorbed by the body more quickly. The liquid formula and soft shell allow it to be broken down by the body more rapidly, allowing the effects to be felt faster. 

Softgels are also air tight, making them more durable and better resistant to changes in temperature than their capsule and tablet counterparts — meaning that they're also easier to transport and store over time. 


PlusCBD Oil specifically designed these softgels to be easy to swallow and quick to dissolve. Their CBD is derived from naturally grown agricultural hemp and these softgels are 100% vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten Free, and made with an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil base. 

These softgels also have CBDA, another cannabinoid found in cannabis with unique therapeutic properties, to give them a wider spectrum of beneficial compounds. 


What our Team of Reviewers had to Say



Reason for use: mid-upper back pain & sharp pain in right shoulder

Rating: 4/5 stars

I took this capsule at 1:20 pm, after having worked on the computer for a few hours and my back started to clench up and interfere with my ability to focus. I was feeling agitated and restless, partially due to the impending pain and coupled frustration. After 45 minutes, I noticed that my back pain had decreased — particularly the sharp, stabbing pain between my right shoulder blade and spine, making it easier to work. I was also more at peace, feeling more positive and light, but also feeling drowsier than I was before (although that could be due to the fatigue of working all morning). Over all, I would definitely keep these capsules handy for times when the pain strikes, but I would be careful using them if I was especially tired. 



Reason for use: feeling tired

Rating: 1/5 stars

To be completely honest, I didn't feel any change with this softgel. I wasn't feeling any pain and was in a pretty good mood. The one thing I can attest to, however, is that this capsule will definitely not get you "high." 



Reason for use: very slight menstrual cramps

Rating: 3/5 stars

I honestly didn't notice that much of a change with mine. My cramps went away, but they weren't super strong to begin with, so I'm not sure if they just went away on their own? I would try a stronger dose; I would probably feel something then. Also, I drink a lot of coffee in the morning that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings, so the caffeine could have overpowered the CBD. If I had a headache or something, it would probably be better to try then. So I guess my consensus is, if you aren't feeling much discomfort, you won't even notice if you've taken this pill.

Other things to note: 

  • taken with food
  • felt that it was a little hard to get out of the blister packaging


Reason for use: Stomach churning & uneasy; affecting thoughts. Overall feeling blah, tired. Stomach at 25%

Rating: 4/5 stars

5 mins: Thinking less about stomach, feeling gassy, stomach a little better at 45%

10 mins: Stomach feeling at 75%, still some gassiness but less, feeling tired still but less blah

15 min: stomach at 80%, gassiness is pretty much gone, overall core feeling much better than before especially when standing/walking, still tired but not blah, not thinking about stomach, head is still perfectly clear

25 min: Pretty much same as 15 min, stomach is much more stable but still has the occasional uneasy feeling. Would still say is at 75-80%

30 mins: Same as 25 min, but face and upper body feels kind of warm and fuzzy like you feel after you take an Advil or something. Not a bad feeling, I just feel noticeably warmer in my face and upper body. Stomach is not really bothering me at all, still 80%

60 min: Body feels good, no complaints on stomach. Would say 80-90% on stomach because it's never perfect. Face and upper body isn't really warm anymore, I mainly feel normal with a little bit of warmness every now and again but it doesn't affect my focus or make me feel bad. Normally if I wake up feeling bad, I feel just as bad as when I woke up, so taking this has definitely improved my day. Still kind of tired but not blah at all. Would take every time I feel bad if I could.

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