Introducing: Wildflower

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We're thrilled to announce that we are now working with Wildflower, an incredible company out of Washington that has a line of full-spectrum CBD products that they sell nationwide! 

When it comes to buying CBD, quality is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, there are lots of companies out there that are using the waste from hemp being grown for strictly industrial purposes on toxic soils. While hemp is great for cleansing the soil and air around it, this is a big issue when extracting CBD from the hemp for medicinal purposes as it contaminates the CBD.

It's important to trust the CBD companies you buy from, and we can say with confidence that Wildflower products are 100% natural, grown without fertilizers or pesticides, lab tested, and made in the USA. As an added bonus, the people behind the brand are amazing humans. 


Wildflower's CBD line includes two vaporizers (Aches and Immunity), two topical balms (Cool Stick and Healing Stick), two soaps (Vanilla and Lavender), and capsules (30mg each). 

They are also about to launch a tincture made with MCT oil that can be easily added to food and skincare recipes. We can't wait to show you how to easily turn your DIYs into CBD infused goods! 


Full review coming soon! 

We've got our team testing Wildflower products as we speak so that we can put together a thorough educational review for you. (Update! Vaporizer review now available here)  

If you're in the Columbia, Missouri area and interested in trying these products, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to sample our personal supply and chat about what may be best for you. And if you're not close by, we can always talk via email or set up a video chat to consult with you!