Join the Review Team

We are looking for individuals with a range of ages, backgrounds, hobbies, medical needs, and preferences to test each new product that we are considering promotion of. Right now, we’re specifically looking for men and women between ages 40-80 with specific medical conditions such as MS, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, IBS, etc.

Each review team member will have a profile describing their background and reasons for use listed on the site so that customers can find someone similar to themselves and see what they had to say about a product before investing in it themselves.

All reviewers will receive 1 week’s worth of product to sample and a small amount of compensation so that you may provide thoughtful feedback.



  • Must have a specific reason for wanting to explore natural wellness tools (for example, suffering from a medical condition) so that they can provide insight as to whether or not a product actually benefitted them

  • Must be willing and able to spend time reflecting on how products/practices influenced your wellbeing

  • Must be willing to provide thoughtful, timely feedback

  • Must be eager to explore new natural wellness tools and open to trying a variety of new techniques

  • Must be willing to sample CBD products without being under the influence of other intoxicants, including alcohol and THC


  • Be the first to sample new wellness products coming to market

  • Have an influence over whether or not Hempsley decides to work with a new company (For a product to be carried by Hempsley, all reviewers must rate the product at least 4 stars)

  • Receive an ambassador kit every other month full of new informational materials and products to share with your community

  • Attend bimonthly events to meet other Review Team members

  • Special access and reduced rates to events

  • 10% discount on all products in our shop


Apply to be a Reviewer

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Please note: In these beginning stages, we are looking for people within 45 minutes of Columbia, Missouri to keep our costs of getting sample product to our reviewers at a minimum
We request to know your gender simply to ensure that we maintain a range of demographics in our Review Team. Please choose whatever feels best for you.