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Hello hello! I’m Kristen Williams and I am a 26 years old Columbia, MO native who also lived in Kirksville, MO for 4 years while attending college.

Hempsley is one of two businesses I own and operate, so you can imagine how stressed out I sometimes get. Since as far back as I can remember, I have struggled with anxiety, migraines, and chronic upper back pain, which have all been exacerbated by being my own boss (something I wouldn’t trade, but am still figuring out on a daily basis).

I have been experiencing migraines ever since middle school — ending up in the ER with one once in my early 20s —and was prescribed medication for both the migraine and its accompanying nausea. Even when taking the medication, a migraine would put me out for the whole day. I now find that most of my migraines can be halted by using various cannabis products, and I can actually finish out the rest of my day.

My anxiety typically manifests as overwhelming nausea; more than once in college, I had to stop while walking to class or step out of the classroom to throw up seemingly out of nowhere. It also manifests as intense muscle tension, particularly in my upper back, neck, and shoulders which I’m sure is intensified by my many hours in front of a computer each day. I find that CBD improves these symptoms dramatically.

I am always exploring new natural wellness tools to help me cope with these issues including herbs, essential oils, massage, float therapy, and lots more. The more I learn about and understand my ECS, the better I am at effectively listening and responding to my body’s needs — and Hempsley is my way of sharing what I discover with the world!



My name is Vinnie DeBono, and I am a 21 year old male from Chicago, Illinois.

I currently use CBD products to help ease the pain that I experience due to gastrointestinal issues and to help manage stress/anxiety.

I was diagnosed with having 4 duodenal ulcers 2 years ago, which cause nausea, stomach pain, and persistent vomiting. I use tinctures and capsules almost daily to help reduce my stomach irritation and vaporizers for quick relief of any stress that I experience throughout the day.

I do currently take acid reducers for my stomach, which helps with the acid reflux component of my condition, but does not do much for the pain. This is where CBD has been a fantastic tool to help make the pain tolerable.

I was also prescribed nausea medication, which I personally am not a fan of because one of the side effects is drowsiness. However, the nausea was mostly due to the pain, but with CBD alleviating the pain I have not felt nauseous enough to consistently need to take the medication.

I would say that I have good experience using natural wellness tools. I grew up learning about the methodology and benefits of chiropractic care from my father, and I’ve learned so much about the power of tools like herbs, CBD, terpenes, etc. from my own experience and research.



I am 24 years old and have lived in Columbia, Missouri for my whole life.

I’ve had issues with my stomach since I was 14 or 15. I tend to wake up with slight nausea or slight pain, so I don’t normally eat breakfast. I tried taking medicine for a while but did not like the side effects I was feeling.

Now I use CBD when I wake up and my stomach feels bad.

I tend to use CBD as needed rather than on a daily basis. I don’t feel any side effects when using it, and I can tell that my stomach feels better. Tinctures and capsules have the best long lasting effects, but the vaporizer is good if I want it to take effect quickly.

I’m always open to trying most things as long as they have logical reasoning behind them.


The Review Team

Once a product has been approved by our core team, we pass products off to Review Team members who have conditions relevant to the product. These are all individuals from our local community who we know, love, and trust to provide honest, thoughtful, and thorough reviews.



I am 25 years old and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, but I've been living in Columbia, Missouri for the past 6 years.

I use CBD mainly for my menstrual cramps and for anxiety. I often get really debilitating cramps — so bad that I have to stay in bed and sometimes I throw up. I used to take tons of Advil to relieve the cramps but I haven't taken Advil in four years and have been trying to find natural alternatives to pain relief. While some of the herbs I've tried have provided some relief, nothing has helped as much as CBD. I take between 60-90 mg on my first day of my cycle and I'm actually able to get out of bed and do things! It's been an absolute miracle.

I also like taking CBD when I feel anxious and I find using CBD in combination with some of my favorite anti-anxiety herbs has helped me a lot. I often get the jitters when I drink too much caffeine and I struggle with social anxiety and I find that CBD has brought me relief in this area of my life as well.

I have been using natural wellness tools — specifically diet, herbal medicine and meditation — for the past four years and my life has improved drastically. CBD has been an awesome addition to my wellness toolbox over the last couple years.



Hey there, my name is Bethany Schoengarth. I’m 28 years old and originally from the Lake of the Ozarks, but have proudly called Columbia my home for the past seven years.

My exploration into CBD products came with a healthy dose of curiosity. I was intrigued by its multipurpose functions. I’m always looking for natural products to swap out for conventional ones, but with an educated, informed decision.

I was excited to see if it could work for my eczema on my face, back and arms. I’ve tried many topical products that either stung or didn’t do anything at all.

Overall, I like to research and be informed about what’s in the products I’m buying. One of my personal goals is to slowly replace all the products in my home that are endocrine disruptors. My experience using natural wellness tools is pretty basic. I enjoy exploring them, but I’m still learning a lot. I’m very into self-care and a huge part of that is just finding out what works best for me.



I’m Matt Boness, a Missouri transplant, originally from the mountains of Arizona. I am turning 30 in 2019 and just welcomed my second son into my life with my wife, Cassie.

With a toddler and an infant running our house, a full-time job, managing a food blog and a part-time photography business, maintaining a social life and everything else that crops up, stress and anxiety have begun to increase over the last couple of years. That is my reason for using CBD and trying out its benefits in helping me manage the increasing levels of anxiety that I can run into as I try to balance all the things that life brings.

Except for dabbling with essential oils for specific reasons in the past, CBD is my first major foray into natural wellness that I have tried and I hope to find the perfect balance of delivery method and dosing to lessen the peaks of anxiety on a daily basis!



I am a 27-year-old graduate student from a small town in Massachusetts. I moved to Columbia for school about 6 years ago.

I have suffered from anxiety for most of my life (as young as 8 years old). I suffer from intense nausea and headaches as a result, but sometimes even without being aware of my stress levels. When I started graduate school, my anxiety would cause my face to swell and develop red bumps, called idiopathic angiodema. I normally take anti-histamines when this occurs, but otherwise not much helps. I employ anxiety-reducing mental practices and engage in physical activities like weight lifting and acrobatic yoga to decrease the amount of reactions that I have.

While I have always had painful PMS symptoms, in the past two years I have begun to suffer from ovulation pain and ovarian cysts. I take pain killers like ibuprofen for my cramping and ovulation pain but also drink raspberry leaf tea.

My mother introduced me to natural wellness which has instilled in me a desire to take preventative measures for my health. I am excited to research more into the different ways we can heal and protect our bodies proactively with CBD!



I am 36 years old and I have lived in Columbia for the past 18 years. I began my journey into wellness about 7 years ago. After having my second child, an autoimmune switch was flipped, and began causing a myriad of symptoms including a gluten, dairy, and egg free lifestyle to help control a high gluten intolerance and psoriatic arthritis.

After endless researching, tests, journaling, heartache, and digging deep I accepted these conditions as the silver lining for taking charge of, creating, and appreciating a healthier lifestyle for my family for the future. I also took this as a sign that it is also my responsibility to pass along any knowledge I have gained along the way and help anyone in need who crosses my path. We have been provided some amazing plants with some incredible healing properties.

I knew there were so many amazing benefits CBD had to offer and decided to first start using it to see if it could help me manage my anxiety and stress levels. I am still experimenting with taking CBD during a flair, but I have found that taking CBD before going to bed helps me relax and get a much more restful nights sleep. Along with Juice Plus, diet and herbs, CBD has been a great addition to my daily regimen toward a healthier me.


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