Rose & Eucalyptus Lip Balm


Rose has been used as a medicine since ancient times to treat everything from inflammation to digestion and respiratory issues as well as depression, grief, stress, and tension (NCBI, 2011).

When it comes to the skin, rose is great for: 

  • Moisturizing: opens the skin so that more nutrients may be absorbed 
  • Acne: rose oil kills the bacteria that causes acne

And eucalyptus is a wonderful: 


About the Recipe

It takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make one small, 5 ml bottle of rose essential oil — and it costs $245, so we decided to infuse our own rose petals to make a luxurious, soothing lip balm. 

  1. Fill LEVO herb pod with rose petals
  2. Add coconut oil to LEVO and set at 170°F for 30 minutes, as recommended by LEVO's infusion calculator
    • Your coconut oil does not have to be liquified at this point — the LEVO will take care of that for you! 
  3. After infusion but while oil is still hot, remove pod & add beeswax pellets and eucalyptus essential oil, then set at 150°F for 5 minutes
  4. Dispense immediately to avoid beeswax hardening

Opportunities for Cannabinoid Infusion


If you'd like to enhance your lip balm with cannabinoids, you can add cannabis flower to your LEVO herb pod or add an available tincture to your recipe. 

Before dispensing this lip balm into its containers, we added 2 droppers of Rosebud's full-spectrum CBD tincture to enhance it with the healing properties of CBD. 

Rosebud CBD oil is made from CBD rich hemp flowers grown on US soil under the Oregon sun.  Rosebud CBD rich oil is comprised of CO2 derived hemp extract mixed with fractionated coconut oil, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides).  It is pesticide, herbicide and solvent free.

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