Rosemary & Garlic Cannabis Infused Cheese Rolls

For Mother's Day this year, LEVO and Barbari Shop teamed up to bring you some new, herb-infused twists on old family favorite recipes.


We contributed one of our personal favorites, homemade cheese rolls that Mom has made since we were kids.

The spin on this recipe does include using cannabis in the herb pod — but remember that there are non-THC cannabis strains available nationwide (if you live in Columbia, MO shoot us an email and we can let you know where to find this) that will be rich in other, non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD that you can use, or you can just leave the cannabis out and settle for enhancing with just garlic and rosemary — an awesome herb that has the common cannabis terpenes pinene and limonene, which both have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial for pain relief, alertness, memory retention, asthma, anxiety, depression, immune system, mood, and more! 


Opportunities for Cannabinoid Infusion

One way to infuse this recipe with cannabinoids is by adding a legally available cannabis flower to your herb pod, as described in their recipe. Check out this Cannabis Cooking Calculator to determine how much cannabis you need to add to your LEVO herb pod — it can help you calculate for both THC and CBD! 

Another option is to add a nationally available and legal CBD product, such as Rosebud's full spectrum CBD tincture, to the melted butter that you will use to glaze the tops of the rolls with before adding garlic salt. We recommend using about 2.5mg CBD (approximately 5 drops from Rosebud CBD's 350mg bottle) per roll. 

Use code HEMPSLEY at checkout for $15 off your LEVO or 10% off your Rosebud CBD purchase!