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MJ Lifestyle Magazine Article

Hempsley was asked to contribute an article to MJ Lifestyle’s third issue of its magazine. The magazine is absolutely gorgeous and packed full of interesting articles. There are even interviews from some of the most influential women working in the cannabis industry. CEO Kristen Williams contributed a two page article covering one of the most important topics to consider when shopping for CBD: full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate.


CEO Kristen Williams on The Collaborati Broadcast

CEO Kristen Williams had an opportunity to appear on The Collaborati Broadcast hosted by Corey Gilmore. The Collaborati Broadcast is a podcast focused on giving listeners an inside look into the world of entrepreneurship, self development, and business-minded leaders. The conversation with Corey covered a little bit of Kristen’s background, experience with running 4 different startups, and the world of cannabis.


Missouri Business Alert’s Speaking Startup Podcast and Interview

CEO Kristen Williams had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Bodine from Missouri Business Alert to talk Hempsley and CBD. During the interview, Seth asks Kristen about the state of the industry and what types of challenges Hempsley faces working in it. One big issue that is discussed is the trend of companies with little to no knowledge on how cannabis and CBD actually work inside the body.


MO Greenway’s Women to Watch Feature

CEO Kristen Williams had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brandon Dunn for MO Greenway’s Women to Watch article! The Women to Watch series is meant to highlight all of the amazing women in Missouri’s budding cannabis industry. The interviewees for the series range from healthcare professionals turned businesswomen to lawyers, and we are so excited that Kristen had a chance to talk about Hempsley!


Pieces of Grit Podcast Appearance

Kristen joins us from Columbia, Missouri where she runs a website dedicated to educating people on the benefits of CBD for a variety of uses. She explains the endocannabinoid system and why CBD makes a difference in our bodies.

While CBD is not psychoactive like it’s counterpart THC, there is still a lot of stigma around using hemp-based products. You should always consult with a physician when introducing something new into your health regimen. After listening to Kristen’s knowledge on natural health you may be ready to give CBD products a try.


Greenway Magazine Article

The Missouri based cannabis industry publication Greenway magazine asked CEO Kristen Williams to write an article about Hempsley and its mission. She delves into her upbringing, her personal relationship with cannabis, and the desire to share the positive benefits of cannabis with others. “Most importantly, Hempsley provides a resource for people being introduced to the concept of cannabis as a medicine for the first time.”


Medmen Article Feature

An article put out by by Medmen’s Kimberly Truong dove into the many uses of hemp. The article begins with a brief introduction to hemp’s relationship to marijuana and the current legal status of hemp with the passing of the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. Hempsley’s CEO Kristen Williams was the expert that was consulted on the different uses for hemp and its benefits.


KFVS 12 Appearance

While attending the MoCannaBizCon + Expo, Cape Girardeau’s local news station, KFVS 12, caught a brief shot of Hempsley’s booth during their coverage of the event. CEO Kristen Williams can be seen engaged in conversation with a customer interested in some of the products and brands we carry at around the 35 second mark of the video.


Columbia Daily Tribune Article Feature

Williams, 26, is not a drug dealer, nor does she want to wade into the world of Missouri’s emerging cannabis industry. Rather, as the cannabis industry flowers across the state, she wants to educate people about the benefits of cannabis through her startup, Hempsley. Still, as she launches her business, located in The Hatchery at 206 Corporate Lake Drive, Williams knows state and federal cannabis laws are murky, confusing and hard to wade through.


Mike Hagan Radio Show on KOPN 89.5

CEO Kristen Williams joins Mike Hagan on KOPN 89.5 to dive deeper into the experiences that led her creating Hempsley, including some of her favorite creative outlets as a child. With Hempsley as her 5th startup, she takes a closer look at some of her past failures and the lessons she’s learned in order to help make Hempsley a success. Kristen comes on the air at the 1-hour mark.


Open Mike Radio Show on KOPN 89.5

Our CEO Kristen Williams had the pleasure of being interviewed on KOPN 89.5’s Open Mike Radio show with host Mike Hagan. While discussing the creation of Hempsley, Kristen gives a little more information regarding her childhood, which included getting good grades, following the rules in class, being creative, and filling her time with things like mission trips. It was not until a trusted friend challenged her views on cannabis use and doing some research herself, when she realized how it could be a powerful self care/wellness tool. Mike also went on to ask for a brief history of Kristen’s history working in the industry. She talked about her experiences designing labels for cannabis products in Colorado, working for Women Grow, and the decision to start Hempsley. After Kristen built some connections through her experience, she was able to return home and be a freelancer, while also starting up Hempsley.


Green House Healthy’s Hempsgiving

To celebrate the holiday season, Green House Healthy hosted Colorado’s very first “Hempsgiving” in Westminster. The event featured a multiple course vegan and CBD infused dinner to show off the versatility hemp foods and quality of the local fresh produce. The chef behind this incredible feast was Sonja Miltner. We at Hempsley were so happy to be included in such an incredible event and to work with other inspiring companies as fellow sponsors to make this a reality.

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Missouri Business Alert’s Speaking Startup Podcast

Hempsley’s founder Kristen Williams got a chance to be on Missouri Business Alert’s Speaking Startup podcast with hosts Annika Merrilees and Megan Liz Smith. Missouri Business Alert is a digital newsroom in Missouri that aims to keep business decision makers informed. The podcast focused on the process and challenges of starting a cannabis company in the middle of a previously illegal state.

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Sativa Science Club: 3 Inspiring Examples of Effective Cannabis Advocacy Online

At Sativa Science Club, we do our very best to banish the myth of the lazy stoner. However, we're downright delighted that you don't have to get out of bed to contribute to the cause. Today we're going to look at three of our favorite examples of digital advocacy; Hempsley Health, Equity First Alliance, and @IAmCannaBess.

We've been a huge fan of Kristen Williams of Hempsley Health from the beginning. If she's not already on every possible favorites and follows list you have; you are sincerely missing out. This Midwestern advocate is moving mountains with her enormous heart and beautiful, informative designs. I could talk about how much I love Hempsley Health all day long, but for now, I want to focus on The Heart Of Health Exchange; a week-long multimedia event intended to impact the vote in Midwestern America.


Feast Native: Contributing Recipe

Columbia, Missouri is home to Hempsley, founded by Kristen Williams, a Columbia native. Hempsley is a Wellness Guidance company that introduces customers to the basic science behind a variety of natural wellness techniques — everything from essential oils to herbs, nutrition, cannabinoid therapies, and more — so that you can begin taking better care of yourself and your loved ones.


My CBD Diary: Contributing Post

The Kristen of 8 years back would be absolutely horrified to hear what I’m doing now. Growing up, I did everything I could to be a “good kid.” I got good grades, never talked in class, and spent my free time in youth group and on mission trips. Never did I touch drugs or alcohol all throughout high school; I remember hurriedly leaving a party once when I found out there were illicit substances present.


Missouri: Hemp and Medical Cannabis Business Seminar Comes to Kansas City

Kristen Williams, CEO and Founder of Hempsley, notes “With the rapid change of the cannabis industry, it’s crucial that we create a space for Missourians to learn about and prepare for the opportunities that are available to them. This event will provide insight and guidance on the process of getting started in a brand-new and ever-fluctuating industry from professionals who have been there and done that — offering valuable takeaways for entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone in-between.”


Achieve Balance Chiropractic: Understanding your Inner Endocannabinoid System and CBD 

Join Dr. Arminta and Kristen Williams of Hempsley as they delve into CBD and the Endocannabinoid system. Learn what the endocannabinoid system is and how CBD works within this system to help create more balance in our bodies. Educate yourself on the difference between CBD and THC and why CBD has NO psychoactive effects. Find out how having a properly functioning endocannabinoid system can put your body in a greater state of ease and help your body heal better.


The Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Lingo

Even if the only connection you have to cannabis is through movies, you probably know what bongs, joints and bowls are. But stepping into a medical or recreational dispensary for the first time also means encountering a whole new language.

We spoke with cannabis educators Emma Chasen and Kristen Williams to help us make sense of the weed-alphabet soup. Chasen is Director of Education for the Portland, Oregon-based educational resource hub Sativa Science Club, and Williams is the founder/CEO of the prohibition-state-focused holistic wellness organization Hempsley, based in Columbia, Missouri. Read on for definitions of (and commentary on) 20 of the most common words and phrases from CBD to THC.


Prohibition Livin': Creating a Way to Communicate about Cannabis

An article contributed by founder Kristen Williams about how Hempsley came to be. 

The first time I pulled out my blow torch to do a dab, my mom was a bit concerned.I knew what she was thinking: Had she really sent her bright, high school Valedictorian daughter off to college only for her to fall prey to party drugs? But being the supportive, loving mom she is, she managed to look past the torch and listen to what I had to say about this new medicine I had discovered for myself. 


Partner at Mason Jar's Hemp & Seed

Summer's winding to a close, but Mason Jar Event Group keeps filling up the cannabis calendar. On August 31, it hosted Hemp & Seed, a special dinner at the Blue Circle Research Farm in Laporte. Chef Melissa Harrison of Seasonal Montana created the dishes that were paired with select cannabis strains from Organic Alternative and live music by the Good Kind. All photos by Jacqueline Collins


Switch Up Your Herb Game With This Weedy Lavender Bath Scrub

So, you can smoke it, eat it, vape it, and wear it, but have you ever thought to soak your body in weed? If you’ve had one of those long, stressful days, taking a hot, weedy bath can be just the thing to help you unwind and snag some all-important “me time.” But you don’t need to go rushing to your nearest dispensary to get the real deal. All you need for a DIY spa experience is some salt, coconut oil, lavender, and weed.


Lavender Bath Scrub

Our friends at Hempsley are exploring all the opportunities for topicals with LEVO. Check out her blog for a full review along with recipes! This easy bath scrub only requires a few ingredients, and can be adjusted easily with your favorite herbal combinations.


Her Canna Q&A with Kristen Williams, Hempsley Health

Describe yourself and what you do:

I am a lifestyle designer and educator determined to help end cannabis prohibition. I’ve been working in the cannabis industry for over three years as a graphic designer, focused on providing a professional and credible face to the incredible companies I work with. This work inspired me to launch my own cannabis brand called Hempsley, a wellness guidance company focused on educating people in conservative prohibition states about the benefits of holistic approaches to health, including cannabinoid therapies that are available in their area.


Thinking Out Loud: Cannabis Designs from Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams is a Columbia native who graduated from Truman State University. During her time in Kirksville, she headed to Colorado to do an internship with that state's emerging cannabis industry. On a recent episode of Thinking out Loud, Williams was profiled about her work as a designer and as an advocate for responsible cannabis use.


Catch Vapor: Endocannabinoids and self-care with Kristen Williams of Hempsley

Hempsley’s founder, Kristen Williams, first became passionate about cannabis education back in 2013 when she saw a video about Charlotte Figi, a young girl whose some 300 grand mal seizures per week were being subdued with CBD oil. She found herself in distraught over the public's backlash on Charlotte's parents for treating her with cannabis, and wanted to help people understand how this plant works within the body to bring relief — and that using it didn't necessarily mean getting "high." 

Since then, Kristen has been on a mission to help educate the general public about their endocannabinoid system and how various cannabinoid therapies can benefit people with all types of conditions. Over the past three years, she has collected experiences with yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine, meditation, floating, massage therapy, nutrition, fitness, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and more — all while exploring how cannabis can best enhance her self-care journey. Now, she wants to share what she's learned to help others make informed decisions while developing a personalized wellness routine that they enjoy.