Meditation is one of those things that can be an intimidating concept to a newcomer, but it's actually quite simple. Whereas a lot of people have the misconception that meditation involves thinking about nothing, it's actually based on the idea of just being aware of your thoughts and environment.

There are lots of phenomenal resources out there that explain and teach meditation. We really love Headspace, an app that introduces meditation in 10 minutes per day for 10 days. They break their concepts down with short, aesthetically pleasing animations and do a wonderful job of explaining the idea of meditation to the Average Joe. They also have lots of great information about the science behind meditation and its benefits on their website

Let us guide you. 

Sometimes, the mind needs a little help settling down. Ruth Anne Spotts has graciously donated a few of her guided imagery audio files for anyone who needs a little assistance getting their mind and body to relax. Check them out below!