Quick Facts about Sunny Skies CBD

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✓ Veteran Owned
✓ Cruelty Free
Legal Company Name: Sunny Skies CBD
Owned by:
Independently owned; Ben Rippley and Pete Adler are co-owners
Based In:  Wisconsin Products Available in:


Established in:
First CBD Product Sold in:  2019
Hemp Grown In:
Wisconsin; grown locally by Sunny Skies CBD
Extraction Method:
Full Spectrum Extract, Broad Spectrum Extract, and Isolate offerings
Lab Reports:
Certified on:  10/28/20 Lab Reports Last Reviewed on:

About: A family owned, vertically integrated, and passionate company whose hemp is all grown 1 mile from their lab in the Wisconsin town they are based in. Explore Sunny Skies CBD products here. 

Hempsley's Relationship with Sunny Skies CBD

Kristen, Founder of Hempsley, was first introduced to Sunny Skies CBD when they reached out via email in September 2020 about partnership opportunities. They introduced themselves via email and Kristen appreciated the fact that they were bringing hemp CBD to Wisconsin, a prohibition state.

Kristen sampled many of Sunny Skies CBD's products, and especially liked their CBD Freeze Gel and CBD Salve for her upper back, neck, and shoulder pain.  

Please note: We are not an affiliate partner with Sunny Skies CBD. Why? Simply because they don't have an affiliate program!

Meet Sunny Skies CBD

"Sunny Skies CBD was founded in January of 2019 by Ben Rippley and Pete Adler. Ben’s father, John Rippley, and Pete Adler have been best friends since childhood. They grew up in a small town in West-Central Wisconsin called Durand, where they played football at Durand High School."

Many years later, "John had read that Wisconsin was about to enter the second year of the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and suggested that Wisconsin – a leader in the hemp industry before prohibition in 1937 – would be a perfect place to start such a company. Ben loved his partner in Colorado and was hesitant to launch a new company without a partner that he knew and trusted. John suggested that Pete would be the perfect man for the job. In no time, Ben asked for a buyout, and Sunny Skies CBD was born!" Click here to learn more about the founders of Sunny Skies CBD

Sunny Skies CBD

Details from Sunny Skies CBD

Tell us about Sunny Skies CBD

We are family owned, vertically integrated, and passionate. All our hemp is grown 1 mile from our lab in town. Hawaiian haze is our strain. Excellent products, great prices, and second to none customer service.

Tell us about your extraction process

We use ethanol extraction cooling to -80 Celsius. After the extraction process, we recover approximately 99% of the ethanol used in extraction with a Centrifugal Ethanol Recovery System (CERES) and an Alcohol Recovery Evaporator System (ARES).

Tell us about any other ingredients that you add to your products 

  • We have unflavored, peppermint, and vanilla tinctures

    • Unflavored is just CBD and MCT oil

    • We use high quality flavors for the other two:

      • Linalool and Humulene is used in our sleep drops

      • Limonene is used in our morning drops

  • Bone broth is used in our pet tinctures

  • Freeze gel includes menthol, arnica, and aloe

  • Shea butter and cocoa butter is in our moisturizer

  • Salve has a beeswax base with an essential oil blend

  • Massage oil is grapeseed oil base with vanilla flavor

  • Blue Raspberry and strawberry lemonade for gummy flavors.

Is your hemp grown with any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, or chemicals?: No

Does your company run analytics/testing on the product throughout the extraction process?: Yes

Do you use organic farming practices?: Yes, we will be certified at some point. In Wisconsin it can take up to 5 years.

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