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Our First Event: Young Living Make & Take

Our first ever event held in Columbia, Missouri at Logboat Brewery where guests learned about their endocannabinoid systems, how they can support it with nationally available cannabis products, terpenes, and essential oils. We taught everyone how to make their own natural beauty recipes, including a personalized perfume roller, hand sanitizer, CBD-enhanced pain reliever, and CBD-enhanced anti-aging face cream. Check out details from the evening here! 

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Talking Terpenes with Monq Aromatherapy Diffusers

Learn how terpenes play a role in what affects a particular strain of cannabis will have and how they can be used separately from cannabinoids for therapeutic benefits. To illustrate, we'll be talking about MONQ, a personal aromatherapy diffuser designed to promote mood change through essential oils (AKA tons of terpenes!)

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