Featured in Speaking Startup Podcast

Hempsley’s founder Kristen Williams got a chance to be on Missouri Business Alert’s Speaking Startup podcast with hosts Annika Merrilees and Megan Liz Smith. Missouri Business Alert is a digital newsroom in Missouri that aims to keep business decision makers informed. The podcast focused on the process and challenges of starting a cannabis company in the middle of a previously illegal state.


The topics of discussion included starting up be for legalization, the Heart of Health Exchange, and the continued challenges that Hempsley faces with standard business procedures. Kristen explains that she had friends ask when she was going to move to a legal state, but she wondered why she had to leave the people she loved to be apart of something she loved. This eventually led to Hempsley’s conception.

She continues on to describe the issues associated with trademarking, advertisement, and banking. Finding a banking establishment that accepted Hempsley’s business and understood our mission was a concern, but the biggest issue was finding a service to process payments. This led to a lot of searching for the right company to use because of the possibility of freezing or shutting down of our accounts.

Despite all the challenges, Kristen was optimistic about the future for the industry as a whole. The change in legislation across the country and interest in the industry should create opportunity for those who seek to enter it. Kristen also went on to express that she wants to help people gain experience in the industry, much like our interns, through Hempsley.

The podcast also featured a brief run down of start up news across Missouri, Robin Ann Morris of an Ohio staffing agent for the medical marijuana industry, and a look at numbers in cannabis entrepreneurship.