Open Mike Radio Show Interview

Our CEO Kristen Williams had the pleasure of being interviewed on KOPN 89.5’s Open Mike Radio show with host Mike Hagan.

Mike started the interview by asking about Kristen’s background, then Kristen went on to talk about growing up in Columbia with a conservative upbringing and her time at Truman College in Kirksville, Missouri while pursuing a visual communications degree with a business administration minor.

While discussing the creation of Hempsley, Kristen gives a little more information regarding her childhood, which included getting good grades, following the rules in class, being creative, and filling her time with things like mission trips. It was not until a trusted friend challenged her views on cannabis use and doing some research herself, when she realized how it could be a powerful self care/wellness tool. Another major influence was the story of Charlotte Figi’s parents treating their daughter’s seizures with Charolette’s Web CBD oil and the backlash that they were receiving. This naturally led to a brief interlude in the discussion over the differences between THC and CBD.

Mike also went on to ask for a brief history of Kristen’s history working in the industry. She talked about her experiences designing labels for cannabis products in Colorado, working for Women Grow, and the decision to start Hempsley. After Kristen built some connections through her experience, she was able to return home and be a freelancer, while also starting up Hempsley. The main topic of the interview was the e-course that was being held on Instagram and the Heart of Health Exchange it was leading up to. Kristen went on to provide an outline of the goal and activities of the event. These activities included morning yoga, CBD infused breakfast, and educational activities featuring 420 Science and our other participating companies. The conversation concluded with discussion on the used of our new app and Kristen’s personal opinions on the initiatives that were up for vote in Missouri.

We would like to thank Mike Hagan and KOPN 89.5 for the opportunity to come in and let listeners know what’s going on with Hempsley.

Links to both the full radio show and Heart of Health Exchange recap are below!