Canna Curious Club's Friends in High Places


Hempsley was honored to be a part of Canna Curious Club's Friends in High Places Networking event on August 25, 2017.

A private networking & brand discovery evening for cannabis entrepreneurs at The Work Bar. Guests took part in exclusive demos and workshops, mingled in the FEZ Vapor Garden, and listened to a diverse selection of speakers, including:

  • Prop Styling and Photography - Jenny Wichman (Yew Yew Shop)
  • Packaging and Design Trends - Andrew Gibbs (The Dieline)
  • Growing Your Brand on Social Media - Morgan English (This Cannabis Life)
  • I Am Not A Stoner: Marketing to the New Cannabis Consumer - Haley Melikian (Fleur de Vie Branding
  • HOT BOX: Women's Sexual Health in the Age of Legal Cannabis - April Pride (Van der Pop)

Each guest received an exclusive gift bag to take home, with hand-picked products and goodies from a selection of brands carefully curated by Canna Curious Club. 

Hempsley's Contributions

For the occasion, Hempsley made lollipops with a variety of pressed flowers, including a few with tiny cannabis leaves (sourced from a friend in California) to showcase that cannabis is a harmless plant, just like any other. 

During the event, founder Kristen Williams showcased Hempsley's mission of empowering you with knowledge so you may take better care of yourself and your loved ones by talking with guests about the basics of hand reflexology and infused oils. 

Also included in the gift bags were small, 4x4" envelopes that had 3 cards from Hempsley: 

  1. What Hempsley is
  2. Basics of hand reflexology
  3. Recipe for Orange & Rosemary Infused Jojoba Oil, made with the LEVO
Photo Courtesy of  This Cannabis Life

Photo Courtesy of This Cannabis Life


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