Interviewed on The Collaborati Podcast

We’re thrilled to share that CEO Kristen Williams had an opportunity to appear on The Collaborati Broadcast hosted by Corey Gilmore. The Collaborati Broadcast is a podcast focused on giving listeners an inside look into the world of entrepreneurship, self development, and business-minded leaders.

The conversation with Corey covered a little bit of Kristen’s background, experience with running 4 different startups, and the world of cannabis. She talks about what it was like to grow up in Columbia, and how that influenced her initial perception of cannabis. She also talks about her time studying graphic design and business at Truman State University.

The conversation then flowed into how Hempsley came to be. Kristen dives into what motivated her to create Hempsley talking about wanting to have a resource to send her grandmother that would be approachable. Corey asks struggles of being an entrepreneur, especially being in the cannabis industry. Kristen responds by telling him all about the ups and downs that both Hempsley and herself have gone through up to this point.

We would like to thank Corey Gilmore for asking Kristen to appear on The Collaborati Broadcast and having an honest conversation about entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry! If you would like to hear the full podcast for yourself, be sure to click the link below.