Missouri Business Alert Interview with Seth Bodine

CEO Kristen Williams had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Bodine from Missouri Business Alert to talk Hempsley and CBD.

Photo by: Zhihan Huang/Missouri Business Alert

Photo by: Zhihan Huang/Missouri Business Alert

The interview starts with Kristen giving Seth a brief history of her background and what inspired her to start Hempsley. She emphasizes her conservative upbringing, the first time she was challenged on her initial stance on cannabis by a friend, and how her perception of cannabis usage changed after doing her own research.

During the interview, Seth asks Kristen about the state of the industry and what types of challenges Hempsley faces working in it. One big issue that is discussed is the trend of companies with little to no knowledge on how cannabis and CBD actually work inside the body. This lack of education on topics such as cannabinoids and terpenes that the people who work for these companies have is a major concern when considering the longevity of a company and the industry as a whole. This is a problem that Hempsley is working to solve, and on the topic of how Hempsley looks to approach this issue, Kristen had this to say:

In my opinion, education is what will ultimately drive sales, and drive sales to products that are safe and vetted.” ... “ It takes awhile to build that trust and ecosystem, but I think in the long run it pays off, and I don’t want to just be selling products that I am not educating about.
— CEO Kristen Williams KBIA Interview

We would like to thank Seth Bodine from Missouri Business Alert for taking the time to hear Kristen and Hempsley’s story. If you would like to hear the full interview and read the article that was written, be sure to click the links below!