Custom Herbal Infusion for Meditation Retreat in COMO

A weekend meditation retreat was hosted in Columbia, Missouri focused on disrupting patterns that hold us as individuals and as a society down. Sherry Ellms, an Associate Professor at Naropa University and Senior teacher in the Shambhala lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, wanted to host an event with the goal of helping people find joy, resilience, and justice in the midst of heartbreak.

Sherry has been leading meditation and nature-based retreats, with a focus on application to leadership, earth stewardship, and personal sustainability. Hempsley was a cosponsor of the event, and provided a custom herbal infusion for the attendees to enjoy! The Heart Ally herbal infusion included rose petals & hips, oatstraw, and hawthorn berries. Each herb was carefully chosen to produce a balanced blend perfect for the intended purpose of supporting the heart during the grieving process while strengthening the nervous system.

Rose Petals & Hips

  • Opens the heart to love

  • Inspires self-love and deepens one’s relationship with others

  • Helps to expand one’s perception

  • A heart tonic

  • Has the relaxing terpene myrcene

Oat Straw

  • Rich in B vitamins

  • Contains minerals such as calcium & magnesium, which helps soothe and strengthen the nervous system

  • Helps alter how you respond to stress

Hawthorn Berries

  • Eases grief by promoting equilibrium and an open heart

  • Lifts the Spirits

Warning: Use caution if you have celiac disease, a bleeding condition, diabetes, G6pDD deficiency, kidney stones, iron related disorders, sickle cell disease, or are about to undergo surgery


We were so excited to be a cosponsor for Sherry’s retreat and look forward to her future events! If you are interested in having Hempsley create a custom herbal blend for your next event, you can contact us through the button below.