Introducing: Jessica Till of My CBD Diary


We are thrilled to introduce you to Jessica Till of My CBD Diary

Today, Jessica is going to share the story that led her to launching My CBD Diary, a curated group of cannabis wellness resources and expertise given from the viewpoint of personal stories. This is a great resource for anyone looking for in-depth stories about how CBD has benefitted patients! 

By Jessica Till of My CBD Diary

I’ve realized that trying to explain to someone how living with chronic illness has affected me, especially when they have never experienced such an imbalance, is nothing short of frustrating and disappointing. Instead, my time is better served writing or discussing the various tools I use in addressing each of my individual symptoms, so that I may be able to provide help and support to those truly seeking recovery from their own ailments.

When I was in my teens and even in my 20s, I fell prey to the common ideology that I was invincible or that nothing bad could befall my health until way later into my life. Even though I was experiencing excruciating pain each month during my monthly menstrual cycle from ages 17 to 29, I was assured by at least a dozen different gynecologists that I was only having “heavy periods and bad cramps. Totally normal,” they all said. The truth lay further away than I could ever imagine…

In reality, I was growing a baseball-sized endometrioma, also known as a chocolate cyst, on the side of my left ovary. Endometriomas are common in about 30% of women diagnosed with Endometriosis and are the benchmark of becoming assigned as a Stage 4 case. The news was given to me nearly three years into building my own sustainable hemp denim brand, where I multi-tasked as CEO, Designer, Manufacturing Manager, Creative Director, and Social Media Manager. I was devastated by the fact that my health would never be the same and decided to discontinue my fashion line in an effort to focus on my recovery from surgery.


In the weeks that followed my first laparoscopic operation, my self-perception of invincibility gave way to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and continual pain. Over a period of time that felt like overnight, I quickly went from living out my dream job, into a feeling of constant weakness, that I knew virtually nothing about how to fight. I decided to stop feeling bad for myself and began perusing the Internet in search of more scientific explanations involving the molecular intricacies of my disease. I stumbled across some information so startling and exciting that I immediately grabbed my phone and rang my friend, explaining how the endocannabinoid system plays a large part in endometriosis, and that cannabinoids interact with this system to alleviate its associated pain. As someone who has terrible reactions to opiates and other various pharmaceutical pain medications, the idea that phtyocannabinoids naturally occurring in cannabis could help fight my symptoms was all the hope that I needed.

I began to frequent medical cannabis dispensaries in the Los Angeles area, inquiring about cannabidiol (CBD), but soon determined that the bud tenders were just not well informed enough on the topic. Pouring over research on the web, I accumulated more information and sought out knowledge from experienced endometriosis patients to see if they had any thoughts on the matter. The more I felt fatigued and sick on a daily basis, the more my computer started serving as an integral part of my days and nights. It was around this period I got to thinking that I should document the information I was gathering and my own experiences with cannabis in an easy to understand blog, so that I could pass on this critical information to others in need.


In April of 2018, I launched, a curated group of cannabis wellness resources and expertise given in the viewpoint of personal stories. My goal is to deliver educational content and provide a fast-pass to other topical experts by illuminating our personal thoughts on cannabinoids and recording how they are affecting changes in our health. About eight months into using CBD products on a daily basis, I have noticed huge differences in my mood, motivation, ability to manage pain, and inflammatory issues; all positive!

My blog has also helped me to rediscover my creative edge and I am happy to announce that I am back in school working on getting my degree in graphic design, starting with the cannabis plant as my muse.

Huge thanks to Jessica for sharing her story with us! Check out for more from Jessica, and if you haven't already, read what founder Kristen Williams shared on My CBD Diary here!