Partnering with Mason Jar Event Group for SUMMER!

Forgive us for being a bit late on this post; we have been working hard on preparing a big announcement for Monday, August 20! 

But we couldn't not share the images from this wonderful event with you!! We were honored to partner with Mason Jar Event Group for their SUMMER event last month and design their invitations and menus, plus run their Instagram account during the event. This event was the smallest they've ever done with just 35 attendees, and was by far our favorite event to date. The limited guest list made for an intimate and unique experience! 


About Mason Jar

For anyone who may be unfamiliar, Mason Jar hosts upscale cannabis and meal pairing dinners, often between 5-8 courses. Before the event begins, attendees pick up a goody bag at the hosting dispensary that contains all the items they'll be pairing for the evening. Each item is thoughtfully paired with a different course of the meal so that guests get the most out of their experience. 

Mason Jar advocates for responsible consumption, and there are always trained budtenders present to help answer guests' questions and assist with consumption. Offering an upscale, professional event where cannabis can be legally and responsibly consumed, they are pioneers in changing the stigma surrounding cannabis use. 

All photos by Dog Daze, courtesy of Mason Jar Event Group