New! Herbal Blends for Sale


We are excited to announce that our herbal blends are now available to pre-order online! 

We've been selling these at our local events, but had enough inquiries coming in that we have decided to make them available online. We taught you how to make your own herbal blends here, but if you're not a DIYer you can now preorder one of our 5 personal favorite blends through our website!

Orders are set to begin shipping June 26, 2018.

Mullein, rose & chamomile

Mullein, rose & chamomile

Mullein, lavender & peppermint

Mullein, lavender & peppermint

Mullein, rose & peppermint

Mullein, rose & peppermint

Mullein, thyme & lavender

Mullein, thyme & lavender

Mullein, rosemary & rose

Mullein, rosemary & rose

About the Herbal Blends

Some people thoroughly enjoy a cocktail, cold beer, or glass of wine at the end of the day. We prefer to share a smoke. Since we're in prohibition Missouri, we've had to find other legal herbs to cater to this social activity and have developed a some favorites that we wanted to share with the world. Even if you're in a legal state, mixing these blends with your cannabis can extend the life of your herb, stretching your dollar and adding other therapeutic benefits in the process. 

We love versatile herbal blends, so all of our blends have a mullein base (read more about the makeup of herbal blends here) so that they can be smoked or vaporized, if desired. Mullein is also a fantastic addition to any tea or bath soak, as it is a fantastic anti-inflammatory. Learn more about the herbs we use in our blends in our Healing Herbs article as well as safety information on each herb so that you can make sure you're choosing blends that are safe for you! (PSA: If you have a ragweed allergy, use extra caution with our chamomile blend!) 

Ways to Use these Herbal Blends

  • Make it into tea

  • Add it to a hot bath

  • Infuse it with an oil to use in food or skincare recipes 

  • Keep it in your car, tuck it by a vent, or stick it in a linen drawer to freshen the air

  • Smoke or vaporize it


Vaporizing your Herbal Blend

As we all know, smoking anything — whether it be tobacco, cigarettes, cannabis, or herbs — can be damaging to our lungs. When plant material is ignited or lit, a combustion takes place that produces tar and other toxic chemicals that can cause harm to our bodies. Vaporizing, on the other hand, warms plant material enough to release its beneficial compounds without creating a harmful combustion. 

When it comes to smoking cannabis, a study showed that 88% of the smoke has non-beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes — meaning only 12% of what was inhaled had helpful compounds.* When the cannabis was vaporized instead, 95% of vapor produced had beneficial compounds. While there aren't specific studies done on vaporizing vs smoking other herbs, we can only assume that the concept carries over. 

*Please note that while smoking cannabis is less beneficial than vaporizing it, smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco (NCBI). 

Vaporizing Temperatures

The thing about vaporizing is that every herb combusts at a different temperature, so it can be tricky to figure out what temperature to vaporize your blend at. Below is a list the combustion temperature of each herb so that you can experiment with vaporization temperatures and find what feels best for you. 

  • Lavender 266°F / 130°C
  • Chamomile 374 °F / 190°C
  • Peppermint 331°F / 166°C
  • Thyme 374°F / 190°C
  • Mullein 302°F / 150°C
  • Rosemary 257°F / 125°C 
  • Rose 212°F / 100°C

Did you try a blend?

Let us know what you thought in the comments below! We'd also love to hear any ideas on other blends you'd like to see in our shop!