Healing Herbs Wellness Workshop

On February 27, we hosted our third Wellness Workshop at The Hatchery!

Guests came to learn about all things Healing Herbs, including the different forms of herbs, the four major methods of herbal consumption, and how to use eight different herbs — including cannabis and an introduction to their endocannabinoid system! 

When guests arrived, they chose a seat with a Wellness Guidance waiver, kit with all their workshop materials, and a little dish to mix their herbal blends. There were Hemp Seed Protein Balls, fresh fruit, a trailmix with toasted hemp seeds, and "Limonene Water" (infused with fresh lemon and peppermint) for guests to snack on. 

To start, guests were invited to open their kits and pull out their informational materials, including a brochure on the endocannabinoid system, a terpene reference card, recipe cards to what we'd be making, and a set of our 8 herbal reference cards. 

We went over the endocannabinoid system and terpene science, familiarizing guests with our four focus terpenes so that they can become knowledgable about what makes the plants their using work and tailor their creations to their own personal needs. 

Then it was time to create! 

The items we created hit all the methods of consumption and forms of herbs that we talk about at Hempsley so that guests could become familiar with the way each one is created and how to use them.

To start, we made a little topical "Relief Roller" with CBD, fractionated coconut oil, and peppermint, which is great for rolling onto the temples for a headache or sore muscles. 

Next, guests chose herbs to make their very own tincture. They had the option between using Everclear alcohol or a mixture of vegetable glycerin and distilled water to soak the herbs of their choice. 

Guests then got to craft their own herbal blends. Each guest received a vial to take home their own herbal smoking blend (everyone even got a GRAV chillum to try out their new smoking blend at home!) as well as a coffee filter to make their own DIY tea bag to take home a tea blend of their choosing. 

Finally, guests customized our Hemp Oil Body Butter with their choice of essential oils. We began infusing lavender with coconut oil in our LEVO at the beginning of the course, and partway through added our beeswax pellets, shea butter, and hemp oil. We then dispensed the concoction into 1oz tins, and each guest was able to stir in their choice of 4-6 drops of essential oils. 

Sample Time! 

As we went along, guests had the opportunity to sample items from our many partners, including Verte Essentials CBD Esprit de Rose face mist, H2O facial cleansing pads, moisturizer, and their full collection of Vital Oils, plus Bear Blend's full collection of herbal blends, as well as a myriad of different CBD products from Founder Kristen Williams' personal collection, which included PlusCBD Oil, Apothecanna, Steepfuze, BioCBD, and more! 

Guests also had the opportunity to handle and ask questions about glass smoking accessories from 420 Science and GRAV, including chillums, hand pipes, and even an upright bubbler. 

Check out some images below from the setup of our event, and be sure to follow us on Instagram (@hempsleyhealth) to see real-time snapshots from the event! 

The Sample + Demo Station with Verte Essentials + LEVO + 420 Science + GRAV + Bear BlendPlusCBD Oil

Hempsley Patent #6630507 Collection

The Set Up

Essential oils and herbs were sorted into four terpene categories for easy access

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