Collaboration with Sativa Science Club

At Hempsley, our mission is to introduce you to the basic science behind various holistic health techniques so that you can find the wellness tools that work best for you and your lifestyle. We present you with the most important takeaways from our explorations in healing herbs, essential oils, nutrition and more while curating our favorite products and services so that you can start taking better care of yourself and your loved ones.

One of our focuses at Hempsley is cannabis education.

While we recognize that cannabis is not a magic cure-all and is certainly not for everyone, we know first-hand that it can be a life-changing medicine. We also realize that there is a very real fear surrounding this plant; we believe that the only way to overcome these misplaced fears is for people to understand how cannabis works as medicine in the body on a fundamental level.

Hempsley introduces the basics of cannabis science so that people who are new to the concept of this plant being medicine aren’t left feeling overwhelmed or incriminated. We are not a cannabis website; we are a wellness guidance website, and cannabis is just one small part of our conversation here. But for people who find cannabis to be a helpful tool for their health, there is so much more to learn.


Cue Sativa Science Club

It’s no secret that prohibition states have a problem with lack of education, but it may come as a surprise that there is also a serious problem with misinformation inside the industry in legal states. There is no baseline for cannabis businesses to operate from, and while some are doing an incredible job of creating a safe and professional environment to properly care for their patients, others are falling short.  

Sativa Science Club is a collaborative effort to standardize quality in the industry. They curate curriculum from leading experts in the nation into a single, streamlined program for cannabis enthusiasts and employees. Sativa Science Club offers both in-seat and online training for anyone who wants to become certified in cannabis — perfect for managers who want to educate employees, as well as anyone who may be interested in entering the industry. They also host events in Portland, Oregon to educate their community about how to be informed cannabis consumers.

If you’re interested Sativa Science Club’s programs, use code hempsleyhealth when enrolling at for $25 off!

The Collaboration

Hempsley and Sativa Science Club are teaming up to bring you accurate and visually engaging educational materials so that you can learn about this plant and articulate your knowledge to friends, family, and colleagues. Stay tuned for some exciting projects on the horizon!