Become a Brand Ambassador

Want to become an advocate for natural wellness in your own community?

Hempsley was founded to help give those who believe in the power of cannabis medicine a reputable and confident voice — specifically in small, conservative communities.

We’re looking for wellness advocates who support our mission to normalize cannabis in the context of a healthy, responsible lifestyle and who are passionate about learning about then helping others understand what the endocannabinoid system is and how to care for it.



  • Must be passionate about natural wellness techniques, including cannabis, and eager to share your knowledge with the people in your life

  • Must be willing to provide thoughtful, timely feedback on the materials we provide and how they were received by those they are sharing with

  • Must be willing to share their involvement as a brand ambassador on social media


  • Receive an ambassador kit every other month full of new informational materials and products to share with your community

  • Have an influence over the products we are working on at Hempsley

  • Special access and reduced rates to events

  • 10% discount on all products in our shop


Apply to be an Ambassador

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Please note: In these beginning stages, we are looking for people within 45 minutes of Columbia, Missouri to keep our costs of getting sample product to our reviewers at a minimum