Introduction to Healing Herbs Kit

Introduction to Healing Herbs Kit


Beginning to learn about herbal medicine can be overwhelming. Make it simpler with our handy informational kit full of quick-reference information designed to introduce you to the world of natural herbal wellness — and keep you safe as you do so! 

Each kit includes:

  • Endocannabinoid System trifold pamphlet introducing what the endocannabinoid system is, why it’s vital to our health, how we can support it, and the differences between THC & CBD.

  • Guide to Using Herbs gatefold pamphlet covering the 4 major methods of consumption and 5 different forms of herbs (fresh, dried, extraction, infusion, essential oils), including how they are created, how they can be used, and safety information. 

  • Choosing Oils foldover with information about 8 different oils for skincare, 6 oils for food preparation, and an essential oil dilution chart.  

  • Set of 8 Herb Reference Cards covering the major terpenes and nutrients in each herb, its therapeutic properties, how it’s been used, and safety information. Includes chamomile, rose, lavender, rosemary, thyme, mullein, peppermint, cannabis.

  • Terpene Reference Card outlining four common terpenes. One side features a chart displaying the therapeutic properties of each terpene while the other provides information to help people start identifying the terpenes in the strains they are consuming.

Conveniently bundled in a magnetically closing folder — a $19 value for just $16!

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