Guide to Using Herbs

Guide to Using Herbs


This 4-panel, gatefolded brochure covers everything you need to know in order to start using herbs.

The first two panels go over the four major methods of consumption (ingestion, mucosal, topical, and inhalation), their onset times and average length of effects, how they work, and how to use them. 

When you open it fully, information about five different forms of herbs is revealed: fresh, dried, extraction, infusion, and essential oils. We provide insight into the terpene potency and nutrient level, explain how they are created, give shelf-life, storage, and safety information, as well as which of the four major methods of consumption they can be used with. 

These pamphlets are great for handing out at events or including in gift bags, as well as sharing one-on-one with friends and family!
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4.5x4.5” Gatefolded, 4.5x19" Flat
Digitally printed, full color
Available in bulk pricing

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