Interactive Informers: Introducing Your Endocannabinoid System PREORDER

Interactive Informers: Introducing Your Endocannabinoid System PREORDER

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An educational tool designed to engage and captivate the viewer as they are introduced to their endocannabinoid system. 

This Interactive Informer simply and quickly covers what the endocannabinoid system is, why it’s vital to our health, how we can support it, and the differences between THC & CBD — making it a valuable resource for anyone new to the concept of cannabis as medicine, activists looking to better articulate how cannabis works as a medicine, and even canna-businesses who want to educate both their consumers and employees about the ECS. 

The interactive design entrances its audience with its continual loop, making it a perfect memorization tool. It also makes bringing up the topic of medical cannabis easier than ever — who could be mad at you for sharing such a nifty little puzzle that doesn’t even advocate getting “high”? A fun and candid way to share the knowledge with your friends and family! 

Digitally printed, full color
Available in bulk pricing

Expected to ship April 2019

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