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Wellness Guidance

"Empowering you with knowledge so that you can take better care of yourself and your loved ones."

Hempsley is a wellness guidance company dedicated to educating Midwestern states about natural, holistic approaches to health and wellness


After a conservative and traditional upbringing, Founder & CEO Kristen Williams discovered that cannabis was an incredibly useful tool for taking better care of herself.

As she began learning about how this plant worked in her body as medicine, she became inspired to explore more holistic wellness techniques.

The more Kristen learned, the more she wanted to share this newly discovered knowledge with the people in her home state, Missouri. With a background in Visual Communications and Business Administration, Kristen launched Hempsley on January 31, 2017 as a way to make the information she was learning approachable and accessible to her conservative, Midwestern community. 


"Fun, simple health science for adults."

We learn best when we can apply new knowledge to real life. Hempsley provides educational recipes and creates on-site, interactive learning experiences in our local community to give people the opportunity to ask questions in an intimate and comfortable setting. 


We don't believe that a single healing plant, medicine, or practice is the answer to true wellness. 

Everyone is different, but our current healthcare system is has started treating people like statistics rather than complex individuals. Hempsley is here to help the lay person understand how their choices impact their wellbeing and provide them with alternative wellness solutions so that they can make decisions based on their own health goals. 

We provide entry-level, science-based information for a range of holistic health practices — all designed in a way sure to not overwhelm or intimidate the lay-person. Our goal isn't to provide expert advice, but simply to relay our own first-hand exploration and research so that our audience can find techniques that fit into their own lifestyle and comfort zone.

providing more resources along the way