Prohibition Diaries: October 9, 2018

Re-Introducing: The Prohibition Diaries

Written by Kristen Williams, Founder & CEO of Hempsley

I began the Prohibition Diaries when we launched the Heart of Health Exchange to the public as a way to document the self-care tools I was using to care for my endocannabinoid system while living in prohibition. They began as daily IGTV videos where I openly spoke about what was going on that day and how I was feeling, but as the event approached I began feeling more stressed out than helped doing them, and it felt more like another thing I had to mark off the checklist for each day rather than just a simple reflection, like it originally started.

Now that the Heart of Health Exchange has officially begun with our e-course on Instagram Stories, I want to bring back the Prohibition Diaries in blog post form. Since we’re already doing lots of videos, I want to create a written log of mine and the team’s experiences of testing out all kinds of natural wellness tools throughout this event. I have some incredible women coming from all over the world to join me here in the middle of Missouri, and what better way to commemorate the experience than to all share in reflecting on it together?

Each night, we’ll set a timer for 6 minutes to reflect on the day and what we did to support our endocannabinoid system, then share that with you here, on the blog. Everyone experiences things differently and everyone uses different tools to help keep themselves balance and well, so this week you’ll get to see a variety of approaches to caring for your endocannabinoid system from many perspectives. The Heart of Health Exchange is all about sharing our experiences so that we can learn from one another and develop our own self-care routine that works for us.

So, to kick us off…

Today, I supported my endocannabinoid system with a slow morning and nutritious breakfast. Raelina of Haiikuu Design made oatmeal and sweet potatoes for breakfast that we topped with Potli CBD-infused honey. Honey contains glucose, which our brain cells use to think, learn, and create new memories, so it was great for helping jump start focus for the day ahead, especially since it was paired with CBD. I then used Wildflower’s CBD vaporizer later on in the day when I began to feel anxious, taking 2 minutes to allow myself to pause and rest after using the vaporizer. As I sit here on the bed getting ready to wind down for the night, I put Kiskanu’s new CBD Skin Rub on my neck and shoulders, massaging it in using deep pressure with my fingertips. My shoulders are feeling more relaxed already! But the number one thing that supported my ECS today was being surrounded by friends. Melissa Glaze from Holistica Wellness joined Raelina and I out in Missouri today, and all of the incredible love and support they are showing me has made me feel safe and prepared. I can’t wait to share this week’s journey with you all! —Kristen Williams, Hempsley Founder

From the Diary of Melissa Glaze at Holistica Wellness

I’ve been asking myself a couple questions a bit more lately? “What do I need” and “How am I feeling?”

I can’t exactly take credit, my coach @MadisonHedlund has been teaching me.

When I decided to ask myself, I was annoyed. Because it told me something I didn’t want to hear. It told me I needed rest. Not like the, oh-let-me-just-take-a-quick-power-nap kind of map, but the “grab-your-ear-plugs-curl-into-a-ball-and-cocoon and sleep for 30 days kind of rest.

My answer to my need for rest prompted a long 3-month stay in Virginia (where’ I’m from) after six wonderful but full years in CA. The goal: rest, spaciousness and peace. Plus side, I got to meet up with and support an incredible human doing great work in the cannabis space. @Kwilliams, Founder of Hempsley Health for great event shedding light on the benefits of cannabis in prohibition states, like VA.

After 1500 miles of driving, I made it to Columbia, MO and part of the team is being united. It’s kinda crazy to say I met both these gals on the interwebs, but it’s also even weirder to say we had dinner tonight and shared pieces of our cannabis stories with one another and it was pretty freaking awesome. We’re all so different and each, while we share similar experiences, have our own stories. Raelina Marie, I’m so glad we were finally able to share space tonight in person!

As we prep for Saturday’s event I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences with cannabis in a #prohibitiondiary for Hempsley’s #HeartofHealthExchange and what it has meant in my life as a part of my wellness toolkit in hopes to inspire and be a resource for those who are curious.

Check back tomorrow for more Prohibition Diary entries, and be sure to follow the e-course on Instagram Stories!