Introducing: Patreon

Hempsley is a wellness guidance company that introduces you to the basic science behind a variety of natural wellness techniques so that you can start finding tools that work best for you and your lifestyle. Our mission is to help normalize cannabis in the context of a healthy, responsible, mid western lifestyle. My name is Kristen Williams and I am the founder and CEO of Hempsley, and right now it’s running as a one woman show with the help of friends and family

What do I need?

I need help spreading the word about Cannabis and how it works to keep your body in balance. I’m from a conservative, mid-western state that is voting on medical marijuana in November. I’ve dedicated the past two years of my life to creating simple, easy to understand educational materials about CBD and how it works in your body. I find myself struggling to find time to create these materials on top of the other freelance work I have to do to support myself. This is my passion and I want to pursue it full time, but until I have a solid revenue stream from this business I will continue to have to do graphic design jobs on the side. I need your contributions so that I can dedicate myself full time to educating people in conservative states about cannabis.

Why is this important?

The only way we are going to change cannabis laws and get this medicine into the hands of patients who need it most is by educating people about how it works in the body. People have grown up fearing cannabis and only knowing it as a drug that gets you high, but this versatile plant is good for so much more than this. At Hempsley we don’t talk about getting high, we only talk about CBD and not THC. Believe it or not, groups of conservative people don’t usually want to pay you to educate them on something they have already made their mind up on.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll have first hand access to our upcoming events, educational materials, and more. When we have something in the works we’ll let you all know so that you can give us feedback on what you want to see. You can submit your stories of talking with friends or loved ones about cannabis, and let us know what would have helped you educate them better during these interactions. Get codes to download all of our ebooks free on our app, and get discount codes for products on our websites. We’re new to this whole thing, but we promise to give you guys VIP treatment on this journey creating educational cannabis materials.